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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

Our natural environment and its resources are precious and important for us to care and maintain for future generations. Beginning with stories appreciating flora and fauna, to upcycling and conservation themes, this session discusses the way picture books can teach and nurture eco-consciousness in children.

Advocacy Environmental Wellness

Sarah Ang

Sarah Ang (Australia)

Sarah is a newly minted author of The River that Brings Us Life. She enjoys depicting life and experiences with watercolours and reading children’s books to her three children. She was born in Australia, presently resides in Singapore, and loves the outdoors as well as tending to her corridor garden.

Sophia Huang

Sophia Huang (Singapore)

Sophia is passionate about upcycling materials into toys and art with her three children, a hobby she shares on Craftcycle for Kids. Her work has been featured in the media and an NEA video campaign. She enjoys introducing upcycling to children through school visits and hands-on craft and storytelling.

Hwee Goh

Moderator Hwee Goh (Singapore)

Hwee Goh spent 16 years as a TV journalist at Channel News Asia before extending her writing to books. In 2015, she produced the bestselling Lee Kuan Yew and a few non-fiction titles for kids. She followed through in 2018/9 with The Plano Adventures, a fantasy series based on science, with co-author Mo Dirani. Hwee is also an Editorial and Communications specialist at The Media Consultants Singapore.

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