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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

The Book Illustrators Gallery (BIG) is a key feature of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content. It showcases the best picture book illustrations by illustrators and artists from Southeast Asia, those based in Asia and in the global Asian diaspora.

This year, BIG returns in an ever-evolving digital form, featuring a specially curated thematic gallery and open submissions, which will be available online for viewing until 2023.

BIG 2022 features two galleries: the Open Submissions Gallery, which showcases more than 150 illustrations by 58 illustrators from 14 countries, and a special gallery featuring female illustrators of Asia that showcases close to 85 illustrations by 11 female illustrators from eight countries.

As part of the launch, catch these insightful essays by curators Bijal Vachharajani and Charlene Lai on the impact and influence of female illustrators of Asia. 

Park Yoon-jung
Open Submissions Gallery
Priya Kuriyan
Female Illustrators of Asia Gallery

BIG Illustrators Directory

BIG Curators

Essays by the curators of BIG Female Illustrators of Asia Gallery