A key feature of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC), the Book Illustrators Gallery (BIG) showcases diverse artwork from picture books, comics, and graphic novels by illustrators and artists from Southeast Asia, Asia, and the Asian diaspora. It offers a platform for the authors, publishers and the public to take notice of your illustrations. 

Featuring close to 130 illustrations by 45 illustrators from 12 countries, BIG once again invites visitors to explore new cultures and the best of picture book illustrations from around Asia and beyond, as it reopens its online galleries for 2021.

BIG has been a popular feature at the annual AFCC, where the exhibition is usually held at the National Library. Presented in a digital format, the online exhibition offers a larger, more extensive array of illustrations than its previous editions – showcasing both open call submissions and curated illustrations from the AFCC's  2021 Country of Focus, Thailand.

Open Submissions Gallery

Country of Focus: Thailand Gallery

BIG Illustrators Directory

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