Submissions for the AFCC 2022 Call for Papers have closed. 

We are delighted to announce the open call for papers for AFCC 2022.
If you are passionate about books and stories for children and young adults (YA), please send in a proposal for your presentation and stand the chance to be featured at AFCC 2022!

AFCC is the leading festival in Asia focusing on children’s books and stories and young adult (YA) fiction. Targeted at writers, illustrators, translators, publishers, parents, educators and media producers, this unique festival offers a series of exciting panel discussions, workshops, author talks, masterclasses, pitching sessions, and networking events. AFCC promotes the creation and appreciation of quality children’s literature and YA with a focus on Asian themes.

Since its establishment in 2010, AFCC has grown to become a key literary event in the region, attracting many local and international speakers, as well as thousands of delegates and participants, providing an opportunity for academics, writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, agents, distributors, parents, teachers, and librarians to meet, learn, hone their craft, and develop cross-cultural collaborations.

AFCC 2022 Theme - Lit Up! 

Amidst the pandemic, climate change, societal upheavals and numerous challenges that we are face today, books serve as an ever-present source of comfort. They are a beacon of hope and light, with a myriad of stories and ideas that excite, inspire and connect us in many ways.
At AFCC 2022, we will mark the theme "Lit Up!" to celebrate the power of books, literature and our imagination. We will shine a spotlight on stories of the human spirit and perseverance, and explore how books and publishing initiatives are used to tackle pressing issues like the environment, diversity and mental wellness.

AFCC 2022 will run from 26 – 29 May 2022, and will take place as a hybrid event, with a mix of in-person and virtual sessions. Virtual sessions will take place on a dedicated online platform while in-person sessions will take place at the National Library Building Singapore. 

1) Call For Papers General Info 
2) Conference Topics 
3) Submission 
4) Review and Selection
5) For Successful Applicants 


Call For Papers Submission Form 



1) CALL FOR PAPERS General info

The Call for Papers for AFCC 2022 is now open. We are inviting interested participants to submit programme proposals that fall under our three main programming tracks for consideration:

  • Writers and Illustrators
    Focusing on the creation and development of quality literary content, sharing of market trends and industry practices among creators and professionals in the literary industry. Programmes highlight and advocate literature for children and young adults from Asia, and around the world.
  • Teachers and Parents
    Focusing on early literacy development in young children, cultivating reading, supporting language and literacy development from early childhood, primary level, teens and young adults.
  • Cross-Platform
    Focusing on storytelling, adaption of narratives across platforms, edu-tech and the development of digital content. Programmes look at addressing current trends and issues in the content market for children and young adults.

We are especially interested in receiving proposals that touch on the areas of focus (see section 2a.) and programmes conducted in Chinese, Malay or Tamil.

Participants may choose to craft their proposals in either of the two programming formats:

  • A presentation or talk (1-hour duration, inclusive of Q&A with audience)
  • A workshop (1 – 1.5-hour duration, inclusive of Q&A with audience)

Each participant may submit up to a maximum of two (2) programme proposals as part of their submission. 

2) conference topics  

a) Areas of Focus 
Preference will be given to programme proposals that discuss the following topics below. Programmes conducted in Chinese, Malay or Tamil will also be given strong consideration. Proposals should address how literature, books or stories for children and/or young adults are utilised, or play a role in the discourse of the area of focus topics below: 

  • Humour
    Explore the depiction of humour in books. What is considered funny and what are its various forms? How does humorous content retain its nature to entertain and appeal, while travelling across language and cultural barriers.  
  • Romance
    A look at love in all its aspects: crushes, first loves, last loves, heartbreak and forgiveness. What are the type of relationships depicted in books and what life lessons are communicated to readers through them? 
  • Mental Wellness 
    How are books a source of strength? What are the messages that they have/are communicating to readers in cultivating positive messages/knowledge in navigating through crises and building resilience. 
  • Southeast Asian (SEA) Stories
    Uncover stories that showcase Southeast Asia: its cultures, languages and people. What constitutes the Southeast Asian experience, how has it been represented and can it be defined? 
  • Comics and Graphic Novels
    Analyse the appeal of visual, sequential narratives, its influence on publishing (e.g. publication of prose books into comics/graphic novels), and reading trends.
  • Digital Content: Webtoons, AR, VR, Edutainment
    How has current digitalisation trends shaped the forms of content emerging in the market, from book adaptations to original online content? 
    A look at the integration of art (in the form of literature) with science-based learning. How are books actively encouraging in readers’ a deeper interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects?
  • Sustainable Education
    The inclusion of key sustainable development issues in teaching and learning. How have the concepts of sustainable education been presented and communicated in books?
  • Climate Change
    How have books and stories with environment themes sought to address the climate crisis? A focus also on books that advocate for, and inspire young readers to action.
  • Diversity
    Examine the inclusion of minorities and marginalised communities: how they are depicted, and the ways taken in the narratives to bring an understanding of and/or addressing the underlying social issues to readers.
  • Translation
    What is the importance and significance of translated books for children; analysing the considerations involved in translating and publication of translated books. What are the ways to increase awareness and access to translated works?
  • Future Proofing the Books Industry 
    What are the initiatives, both digital and non-digital, that the publishing industry is undertaking to survive and thrive in these pandemic times and beyond? How are such initiatives also addressing current and immediate social/global concerns? 

b) Other Suggested Topics 

In addition to the above, participants are also welcome to submit proposals that touch on the following topics:

  • Reading for mental wellness
  • Activism and agency in children’s books
  • Literary fandoms and fanfiction
  • Depiction of displacement and migration in books 
  • Learning and play through books
  • Utilising digital learning resources 
  • Storytelling across digital mediums (e-books, audiobooks and podcasts) 
  • The science of award-winning illustrations
  • Illustrations as interpretations in picture books
  • Mother Tongue (Chinese, Malay, Tamil) language acquisition 
3) Submission 

To submit, please complete the AFCC 2022 Call for Paper online submission form by 17 October 2021 31 October 2021 (23:59, GMT+8).

The online submission form can be accessed here:

The organisers reserve the right to reject any applicants who do not comply with the above-mentioned guidelines.

4) Review and Selection 

All submissions will undergo an assessment by a committee from the appropriate programming track. The committee will select the papers based on their assessment of the proposal content and its relevance to the festival.

All applicants will be notified of their submission status by end December 2021. 

5) For Successful Applicants 

Successful applicants will receive a complimentary full Festival pass, which includes admission to conference sessions during the event and VOD access post-event. The Festival Pass excludes admission to separately ticketed events (e.g. Masterclasses).

Please note that applicants selected through the Call for Papers will not receive a speaker’s honorarium. Travel and accommodation (if applicable and required) for overseas applicants will not be covered by AFCC

Successful applicants will be asked to submit a draft of their full presentation, including the talking points and PowerPoint presentation file at least two (2) months prior to the start of AFCC. Applicants are encouraged to include interactive elements in their presentation, and to prepare handouts for attendees.

Please note that the organisers may use applicants’ paper in parts or in full for marketing and publicity purposes for AFCC, either in printed or online versions. 


For any enquiries, please contact us at [email protected] with the subject "AFCC 2022 CFP Enquiry".