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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

Theme: Lit Up!

Amidst the pandemic, climate change, societal upheavals and numerous challenges that we face today, books serve as an ever-present source of comfort. They are a beacon of hope and light, with a myriad of stories and ideas that excite, inspire and connect us in many ways.

AFCC 2022 celebrates the theme “Lit Up!”, where we ask participants to embrace a brighter world, filled with exciting possibilities made possible with the illumination that literature brings. We aim to cast a gentle light on stories of the human spirit and perseverance, and explore how books and publishing initiatives are used to tackle pressing issues like the environment, diversity and mental wellness. There’s a mix of online and in-person sessions, so come explore the world of stories for children and young adults with us!

Programme Booklet (9.5mb pdf)

AFCC 2022 Key Visual

We are proud to present the key visual for this year’s festival, illustrated by Singaporean author-illustrator J.H. Low.

We invited J.H. to shed light on what “Lit Up” means to him, and illustrate a key visual to serve as the festival’s identity and set its tone and character. J.H.’s expressive illustration style resonated strongly with the festival team.

The magical worlds that J.H. creates in his work—which includes fantastical creatures amidst the beauty of nature, strengthened our belief that he would be able to grasp the theme of 2022’s AFCC, and bring it to life in a manner that is uniquely his.

Get a glimpse of J. H.’s illustration journey in our interview with him.

Thank you for attending AFCC 2022! 

About AFCC

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) is the leading festival in Asia for children’s stories and young adult (YA) fiction. AFCC has been promoting the creation and appreciation of quality Asian children’s literature and YA since 2010 and is a key literary event in the region.