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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

Building on the Asian Festival of Children's Content Country of Focus, AFCC Circle aims to raise awareness and extend AFCC's aim of promoting and developing Asian stories

A new initative, AFCC Circle seeks to establish the platform and communities in other Southeast Asian and Asian countries in the festival's continual mission to promote Asian literature and content for children, beyond the duration of the festival. 

From May to September, catch these series of curated, themed book readings by featured children's book writers from Thailand and Singapore online! 



Theme: Friendship

From a wooden rocking horse, to caterpillars, to a balloon bear and mulberries, find out how each of these stories embody the theme of Friendship. Watch the readings here!  

Featured Writers: 

  • Emily Lim-Leh (The Tale of Rusty Horse
  • Tinna Triyanond (This World Belongs to Caterpillars)
  • Josef Lee (Bear with Me)
  • Voraprot Korcharoenwat (Mr Bear's Mulberry Tree)



Theme: Resilience 

Even in difficult times, there is always a silver lining or window of opportunity. These stories show how hardship and loss may not necessarily be bad, and the lessons that can be learned from them. 

Catch the session here via AFCC's Facebook

Featured Writers: 

  • Chompunoot Luanganggoon (On the Way to a Birthday Party)

  • Adia Tay (What if the Wind Tears My Kite?

  • Rapeephan Pattanavech (We Still Love Each Other Every Day

  • Michael Wang (Liam the Brave


Theme: Emotions 

Hard to identify sometimes, but it's an all too important part of storytelling and the human experience. Explore the various facets and dimensions of emotions experienced by the characters in these set of stories. 

Catch the session here via AFCC's Facebook


Featured Writers: 

  • Cheewan Wisasa (Calm)
  • Quek Hong Shin (Universe of Feelings)
  • Papassara Sophonarunchot (Hug)
  • Azhagunila (Kondama Kendama)


Theme: Friendship 

Our friends may come in various forms, shapes, sizes, each with their own unique personality. Find out more about the different friends encountered by the characters in these new set of four stories. 

Catch the session here via AFCC's Facebook. 


Featured Writers: 

  • Jill Lim  (My Colouring Book is Ruined!
  • Priscilla Tey (Twitchy Witchy Itch
  • Krisana Kanjanapa and Vachirawan Tapsua (Baba)
  • Ratkarn Karnjanaudomchai and Rachan Suwangboot (Shin & Minna: Confused and Confusing Friends


Theme: Friendship

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Friends provide companionship and support in times of need, and the ones featured in these stories are good examples of such. Find out more about them in this last instalment of the AFCC Circle online readings. 

Catch the live stream of the session on 30 September, from 5pm (SGT) on AFCC's Facebook


Featured Writers: 

  • Rilla Melati (Capal Samsudin)
  • Rayrai Suveeranont (Rayrai's Daily Diary 2
  • Ames Chen (The Invisible People - Uncles at Work
  • Chanida Soponvuttikul (Geometry Friends Fight the Fiery Dragon)