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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

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What is the definition of humour and how does one create funny stories? The speakers in this session will examine the different types of humour utilised in their works and share more tips and techniques on creating funny stories to attract readers.

Chinese Humour

Ang Thiam Poh

翁添保 (Ang Thiam Poh) (Singapore)

九〇年代开始从事漫画创作,先后在《联合早报》、《星期5周报》、《大拇指》、《早报周刊》拥有漫画专栏。其中,四格校园漫画这一斑系列,在学生报连载了29年,深受家长和学生们的喜爱。 在近30多年的创作生涯中,作者总共出版了15本漫画书及一本绘本,与怕输先生夏宗合作的连环漫画“跳班”除了在学生报连载5年,后来也结集成书,并且在2015年拍成5集的真人版电视剧。除了创作漫画,作者也曾接受教育机构、国家图书馆以及宗乡会馆的邀请,为华文教育工作者和学生开办漫画入门、漫画与创意、漫画与华文的讲座和工作坊。

Thiam Poh started drawing comics since the 1990s, and has been contributing comics strips to Lian He Zao Bao, Friday Weekly, Thumbs Up and Zao Bao Zhou Kan comics’ column over the years; his The Class series has been published in the newspapers for more than 29 consecutive years. He has collated and published 15 comic books and a picture book during his three-decade long comics career, and his works are well received by parents and student alike. Apart from drawing comics, Thiam Poh has also conducted workshops related to comics, creativity and Chinese for schools, National Library Board and clan associations.

Hsiaochi Chang

張筱琦 (Hsiaochi Chang) (Taiwan)

張筱琦是一名插画家,目前居住于台北。她写了甚多儿童读物,包括《反正都可以到嘛!》和《哪邊是哪邊》。其作品已在2020及2021年博洛尼亚插画展展出,并在 3x3 插图展 第12号获得荣誉奖。她的插画风格异想天开,诙谐有趣,经常受到日常生活遇到的幽默情景的启发,而推动她去创造的是自己对玩及抒发情感的渴望。她通常使用丙烯酸、水彩画、水粉画和Adobe Photoshop,但她愿意尝试通过不同类型的媒介进行创作。

Hsiaochi Chang is an illustrator who is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. She has written numerous children’s books such as Will Arrive Anyway (反正都可以到嘛!) and I Preferred Not to Open My Eyes (哪邊是哪邊). Her works have been selected for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators’ Exhibition 2020, 2021, and she has received an Honorable Mention at the 3×3 Illustration Show, No.12. Her illustration style is whimsical and playful and she is often inspired by the humorous situations she encounters in daily life. What drives her to create is the desire to play and express emotions. She usually works with acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and Adobe Photoshop, but she is open to experimenting with all types of media.

Lin Che Chang

林哲璋 (Lin Che Chang) (Taiwan)


Che Chang is a graduate from the Graduate Institute of Children's Literature at National Taitung University. He has received the Reed Pipe Award, Cross-Straits Children’s Literature Award, Ministry of Education Literary Award, Good Books for Everyone Award and Chiuko Modern Children’s Literature Award. His publications include Pipi Chaoren (屁屁超人),  Yong Dianxin Xuexiao (用点心学校), Xiandao Xiaoxue (仙岛小学) Bu Toulan Xiaoxue (不偷懒小学) and  Chongwu Gongfu Xuexiao (宠物功夫学校).

Denon Lim Denan

Moderator Denon Lim Denan (Singapore)

Denon Lim Denan is the executive director and chief editor of Lingzi Media, and President of the Singapore Association of Writers. He is also a poet, having won the Golden Point Award and been shortlisted for the 2006 Singapore Literature Prize. His new poetry collection 《如果还有萤火虫》 (If There Are Still Fireflies) was published in December 2017. 

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