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Asian Festival of Children’s Content


Stories are an effective tool that can be used to communicate and teach abstract concepts in a simple and understandable way. In this session, hear from the speakers as they share how they have used this medium in teaching children and the benefits of doing so.

Chinese Writing for Children and Youths

Chen Shuai

陈帅 (Chen Shuai) (Singapore)

陈帅,新加坡公民,擅长创作儿童与青少年小说。职业是老师。2014年获中国第三届“周庄杯”儿童短篇小说比赛一等奖。2015年以儿童小说《渴》获新加坡 “金笔奖”第三名。2018年,她的少年小说《莫里》获得中国知名的儿童文学大奖青铜葵花奖,并在中国出版。

Shuai is an ex-teacher who has won various awards such as First Prize in the National Novel Competition and the Bing Xin Prize for Children’s Literature Works. Her book titled The Last Dinosaur of Bukit Timah launched in 2015. Her latest YA-fiction Mo Li was awarded the China Bronze Sunflower Prize in 2018.

Guan Jia Qi

管家琪 (Guan Jia Qi) (Taiwan/China)


Jia Qi, whose ancestral hometown is Yancheng City of Jiangsu Province, was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1960. To date, she has published more than 400 children’s books in Taiwan. Many works have also been published in mainland China and other places. She is the holder of multiple awards, including the Golden Tripod Award and Best Children’s Book at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Her works have been translated into English, Japanese, German and Korean, and selected as teaching materials in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore. She frequently engages in reading and writing exchanges with students from primary and secondary schools, and is well-received.

Irene Xu

徐海娜 (Irene Xu) (Singapore)

徐海娜在香港城市大学硕士毕业后开始对儿童教育感兴趣,之后又取得香港大学专业进修学 院“特殊教育文凭”。曾担任过儿童导师,做过儿童教育课程设计;同时担任部分杂志及报纸的特约记者和长期撰稿人。2016年至2021年,作为香港BROADLEARNING教育机构的合约作家,在面向香港八百多家学校的eClass平台上出版了多个系列的电子互动童书。2017年迁居新加坡,从事特殊儿童教育、童书以及绘画创作;并兼任英国《金融时报》中文网的专栏作家,持续发表教育、读书,以及时事等方面的有关评论。

Xu Haina developed an interest in early childhood education after graduating with a Master’s degree from the City University of Hong Kong. She later obtained a Diploma in Special Education from the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education. She served as an early childhood mentor and curriculum developer (Early Childhood Education), while serving as a special correspondent and long-term writer for magazines and newspapers. In 2017, she moved to Singapore and was involved in early childhood education, children’s books, and creation of drawings, as well as publication of commentaries related to education, reading and current affairs.  

Sun Baoqi

Moderator 孙宝琦 (Sun Baoqi) (Singapore)

孙宝琦, 新加坡教育学院/新加坡南洋理工大学教育学硕士、博士,目前任职于新加坡教育学院儿童发展研究中心,主要研究领域为儿童认知发展,双语早期阅读及双语教学。近期主要研究本地中小学阅读文化和学生双语阅读习惯,探索如何结合家庭,学校和各种社会资源的力量来培养孩子良好的双语阅读习惯。

Sun Baoqi is Research Scientist at the Centre for Research in Child Development, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her research encompasses socio-cultural-cognitive perspectives on language learning with particular focus on children’s bilingual education and biliteracy development. One of her recent projects focuses on primary school children’s reading habits in their two languages, and how schools, families, and communities can work together in building a bilingual reading culture.

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