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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

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What goes into the writing of a children’s book? Join our authors as they discuss their creative processes in the creation of a children’s book.



Chinese Writing for Children and Youths

Chen Shuai

陈帅 (Chen Shuai) (Singapore)

陈帅,新加坡公民,擅长创作儿童与青少年小说。职业是老师。2014年获中国第三届“周庄杯”儿童短篇小说比赛一等奖。2015年以儿童小说《渴》获新加坡 “金笔奖”第三名。2018年,她的少年小说《莫里》获得中国知名的儿童文学大奖青铜葵花奖,并在中国出版。

Shuai is an ex-teacher who has won various awards such as First Prize in the National Novel Competition and the Bing Xin Prize for Children’s Literature Works. Her book titled The Last Dinosaur of Bukit Timah launched in 2015. Her latest YA-fiction Mo Li was awarded the China Bronze Sunflower Prize in 2018.

Hu Wei

虎威 (Hu Wei) (Singapore)


Hu Wei (Francis Wong Hooe Wai) is an architect, a writer, and an illustrator who grew up in Chinatown, Singapore and studied architecture at Cambridge University, United Kingdom.  Since 2016, he has published five picture books, of which The Little Bear’s New Clothes, part of a Chinatown Trilogy, received the White Ravens 2020 label. This label is given to children and youth literature of international interest.

Tang Show Yin

邓秀茵 (Tang Show Yin) (Malaysia)


A renowned writer of children’s literature, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language Studies from Universiti Putra Malaysia. She developed a love for writing since young and began publishing works while she was still in university. In 2006, she published young adult books, and her famous works include Chun chun de shou hu shen (纯纯的守护神) , Ji Yi Tian Shi (记忆天使), Yue Liang Cheng (月亮城), Tai Yang Cheng (太阳城), Yi Feng Chi Lai de Xin (一封迟来的信) , Zai Jian, Tian Shi (再见,小天使) , Da Ge Tou yu Xiao Mei Tou (大哥头与小妹头), and Xing Fu Lai Qiao Men (幸福来敲门).

Su Zhangkai

Moderator 苏章恺 (Su Zhangkai) (Singapore)


Su Zhangkai was formerly a part-time lecturer with the Department of Chinese Studies at the National University of Singapore and a secondary school teacher. His teaching experience includes teaching Chinese Language, Chinese Culture, Translation, Values Education and Bicultural Programme at Seng Kang Secondary School and Nanyang Girls' High School. He was conferred the 2013 Fellow of Academy of Singapore Teachers in recognition of his outstanding contribution towards professional development. He also translated many picture books, including The Little Chef (Pustaka Nasional, 2018) and Bear With Me (Sprout Language Centre,2019).



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