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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

The Magical Adventures of Snow and Friends is a fun and engaging edutainment program for preschool children to explore the Chinese language via animated stories and interactive activities. Through exciting adventures with our characters, children will learn the intimate relationship of the Chinese language and the natural world around us. The program includes various activities like storytelling, games, role-play and more.

Chinese Preschool

Darran Kuah

Darran Kuah (Singapore)

Darran has always had the love for drawing and he spent his free time busy doodling and reading comics. Darran set up Chips and Toon in 2007 and the team created their first original content Stoneboy and it was acquired by Nickelodeon Asia in 2011. In 2015 Darran produced SharkDog a new animation series and it was acquired by the Nickelodeon U.S. and subsequently by Netflix in 2020. Darran is currently developing his new project, Fox Tales, an original content that focus on Asian culture and mythology.

Serene Chuang

Moderator Serene Chuang (Singapore )

Serene is a bilingual Preschool Teacher based in Singapore.  As an educator for  both Chinese and English Language, she believes in creating a positive learning environment for the children. Serene holds a postgraduate diploma in Early Childhood Teaching under the support of Ministry of Education and Bachelor Degree in Life Science from Singapore National University.

All programme dates and times are subject to change and existing COVID measures.

* : Pre-registration is required for in-person events. Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.