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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

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What does diversity and inclusivity look like from a preschooler’s perspective? How can we use picture books to discuss abstract topics such as diversity and inclusion? Join us and find out how children's picture books can come alive as a powerful tool in the classroom! This session focuses on three strategies that can be used during storytelling to promote children’s understanding of diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Preschool Storytelling for Children and Youths

Soh Aiwen

Soh Aiwen (Singapore)

Aiwen is the principal at Star Learners@Thomson with over 10 years of experience in teaching toddlers and adolescents both abroad and in Singapore. She currently leads a team of 12 staff and occasionally volunteers in her free time. Aiwen holds an advanced diploma in leadership from Nanyang Polytechnic and a bachelor’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Stephanie Ng

Stephanie Ng (Singapore)

Stephanie is the Senior Curriculum Specialist at Star Learners with more than 10 years of experience in the Early Childhood sector. She has worked with diverse student demographics across formal and informal class settings. Picture books hold a special place in her heart, as she believes that they can ignite a love for reading in both the young and old.

Jai Zende

Moderator Jai Zende (Singapore )

Jai is Head of Content and Co-Founder at Beebly, an upcoming K-12 Edtech service. In past lives, Jai was Head of Content for Audible India, ran his own audiobook business, and was a banker. 



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