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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

In the increasing digital age we live in, a new visual language has come to dominate how we communicate information. In this session, get the low-down on what visual literacy is and how it can be used to nurture creative and critical thinking in children. We will explore how complex and sensitive topics such as internet safety and mental health can be made fun and approachable through the teaching of visual literacy.

Storytelling Across Digital Mediums

Tanya Chua

Tanya Chua (UK/Singapore)

Tanya has worked on innovation campaigns for large multi-nationals like Netflix, Facebook, Nike, Coca-Cola and Heineken. She moved to Singapore in 2005 to work on Tiger Beer. She has since gone to run agencies, Kult gallery, connecting designers with brands, and now education. Tanya is a firm believer in the power of visual communication. EYEYAH! merges her expertise in storytelling with her passion for nurturing talent and innovation within education and business.

Thameemul Ansari

Moderator Thameemul Ansari (Singapore)

Thameem works for Pearson Singapore as a senior Business Operations Manager & Digital Entrepreneur. He has a Master’s Degree in computer applications and human resource management, and has worked in consulting, telco, high tech, cyber security and education industry with around 14 years of overall industry experience. Thameem has been part of several digital transformation programs for companies like IBM, Hewlett Packard, Starhub, Checkpoint Software.

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