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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

AI has become a commonplace technology in our everyday life. It is not only useful for our children to be savvy about this technology, it is important that they understand enough to be a good judge of what are Good AI and Bad AI, so that they can be in a position to influence future development of AI and intelligent systems that will benefit them.

Storytelling Across Digital Mediums

Koo Sengmeng

Koo Sengmeng (Singapore)

Sengmeng is the Senior Deputy Director for AI Innovation at  AI Singapore, a national programme launched by the National  Research Foundation (NRF) to anchor deep national  capabilities in AI, thereby creating social and economic  impacts, grow the local talent, build an AI ecosystem, and put  Singapore on the world map. Prior to AI Singapore, Sengmeng has over a decade of  experience in info-communication and media (ICM) industry  and was part of Singapore Public Service in 2012, where his  team shaped the billion-dollar Asia Pacific games industry for  Singapore and roll out industry-firsts programmes.  

All programme dates and times are subject to change and existing COVID measures.

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