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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

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This session looks at the wide range of books from the Kitakaya! series that showcases the cultural diversity in Indonesia. Learn more about how these stories have been adapted and made accessible through their adaptation into various arts forms, such as musical performances and through digital media.

Diversity Southeast Asia Storytelling Across Digital Mediums

Dandi Ukelele (Dandi)

Dandi Ukelele (Dandi) (Indonesia)

Dandi is an Indonesian ukulele musical storyteller. He often composes his own children's songs and mixes them with fairy tales. Dandi is also a geographer, which is why he often tells stories and sings songs related to nature and earth.

Farahdilla Muqarrabie

Farahdilla Muqarrabie (Indonesia)

Farahdilla works at a game development company as a 2D artist. She is also a freelance content creator and she has worked with various artbook collaborations. Her hobby is drawing comics and experimenting with various visual media.


Taqarrabie (Indonesia)

Taqarrabie/Bie was a writer and assistant producer for several TV series and feature-length films before starting her journey in the advertising industry as a copywriter. Now, Bie is a creative director for audiovisual and advertising projects which continuously creates various passion projects in oral storytelling, book writing, and filmmaking.

Uthe (Meutia Rahima)

Uthe (Meutia Rahima) (Indonesia)

Uthe has learned to dance since four years old, inspired by her mom who was a dancer in her youth. Starting her interest in Balinese and Malay dances led her to participate in student exchange activities and goodwill walkouts outside Indonesia. Today, Uthe has deepened the elements of performing arts other than dance, and sought experience as a dancer, stage manager, instructor, facilitator, choreographer, costume designer, dance competition jury, and people development trainer.

Shoba Dewey Chugani

Moderator Shoba Dewey Chugani (Indonesia)

Shoba is the author of Janggan Dragon Kite, which was longlisted for the Scholastic Picture Book Awards in 2015. Shoba has been a management consultant, a preschool owner/teacher, and an early childhood education consultant. She now writes and mentors storytellers and is one of the core team members of KPBA—The Society for the Advancement of Children’s Literature.

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