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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

Social-emotional learning can be challenging for educators and parents to facilitate. In this webinar, we will explore hands-on activities that encourage children to develop greater self-awareness and practise life skills such as communication and perspective taking. These activities are inspired by our well-loved panda family, and they also offer opportunities for preschools and families to experiment with sustainable art.

Note: There will be hands-on craft activities in this workshop!
Please prepare writing and craft materials as well as recyclables (e.g. marker, scissors, tape, cardboard, toilet roll cores, unwanted packaging).

Activities Mental Wellness Preschool

Angeline Ho

Angeline Ho (Singapore)

Angeline was in the early childhood industry for eight years before joining the Education team at Mandai Wildlife Group. She continues her passion in engaging young children, educators and families by designing meaningful wildlife experiences for all ages.

Karen Chin

Karen Chin (Singapore)

Karen is responsible for the conceptualisation of workshops and resources for educators, school students and families at Mandai Wildlife Group. She possesses 15 years of experience in promoting family learning in wildlife parks and museums.

All programme dates and times are subject to change and existing COVID measures.

* : Pre-registration is required for in-person events. Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.