Now on its fourth edition, the Book Council brings back its very own Rights Exchange (RX). Publishers and agents from across the Asia Pacific region come together for a unique opportunity to sell and/or exchange book rights and translation rights, negotiate co-publishing deals and other agreements.

Aimed at becoming the centre for regional and international rights business, the RX showcases a platform publishers and literary agents to engage in possible collaborative projects on translation, digital and print publishing and co-publishing, and other derivative works in multimedia.

The RX is a structured session of 30-minute pre-arranged appointments for publishers and agents to connect and discuss their rights negotiations. Attendees need to be registered delegates or exhibitors to be able to buy and/or sell at the RX. The platform creates a unique opportunity for publishers to meet each other one-on-one to tentatively finalise agreements and interests in the sale/transfer of rights.

Participants must have the rights to sell any of the following:

  • unpublished/published manuscripts;
  • translation projects;
  • license/rights for secondary publishers to reproduce the manuscript in print, microform or any digitally readable form, including but not limited to e-pub and electronic online databases; and, license/rights to reprint through third parties for manuscripts, translations and other derivative works based on a manuscript.


To register for Rights Exchange, simply read through the guidelines and email Carlo at [email protected].

Registration deadline: 15 March 2017

Guidelines Registration Form 

Book an Appointment

Book an appointment with one of the participanting publishers, self-publishers, rights agents, and content developers below.

Deadline: 24 April 2017

Rights Exchange Schedule Meeting Form 

List of Participants

To book an appointment to sell rights of your children's book/content to one of the participating publishers and agents, email Carlo at [email protected] by 10 April 2017. The list of the first batch of participants is included below, and the list will be updated accordingly within the next few weeks.

Andrea Pasion-Flores (Philippines)
Anvil Publishing
Cynthea Liu (USA)
Christel Meijer (Netherlands) 
Shared Stories
Debby Lukito (Indonesia)
Tiga Serangkai Publishing / Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia  
Nurul Darmadjaja (Indonesia)
Letter Platters Independent Publishing House 
Nung Atasana (Indonesia)
Borobudur Agency
Zafar Anjum (Singapore)
Kitaab International Pte Ltd.
Wedha SY (Indonesia)
Citra Dewi (Indonesia)
Mizan Publishing House
Frances Plumpton (New Zealand)
Frances Plumpton Literary Agency
Flora Maharani (Indonesia)
PT Kanisius
Monalisa Fella (Indonesia)
PT Bestari Buana Murni
Tahir Ahktar (Pakistan)
Children Publications
Josef Lee (Singapore)
Self-Published Author and Illustrator
Orit Bergman (Israel)
Author and Illustrator
Syed Ali (Singapore)
Pustaka Nasional
Evelyn Chia (Singapore)
Pan Asia Publishing Pte Ltd

Ann Husmann (New Zealand)
Giltedge Publishing

Kim Chongsatitwatana (Thailand)
Nanmee Books

Now unable to come for Rights Exchange

Shera Sihbudi (Indonesia)
Noura Books

Eunice Li (Singapore)
Self-Published Author

Shera Sihbudi (Indonesia)
Noura Books

Eunice Li-Tan (Singapore)
Author and Publisher
Luminous Confidence Consultancy Pte Ltd

Motti Aviram (Israel)
TV Director & Children's Content Developer

Hassoonah Alsagoff (Singapore)
Publisher, Homely Hammock

Select Centre (Singapore)
Translation Services