More exciting programmes coming your way!

10am - 1pm (Half-day)

Playing with Pop Up: From an Idea to a Functioning Model

Orit Bergman (Author and Illustrator)

For: Illustrators and anyone interested in learning about pop-up books
Materials will be provided.

A hands on workshop that will teach you the basic elements of pop up design. Get to know the best ‘how to’ books on the subject, look at some amazing books being published today and create pop up from your own art using rules, intuition and trial and error. Come prepared to play!


10am – 6pm (Full day)

Writing the Weird

Lee Battersby (Author)

For Middle-Grade or YA fiction
Materials will be provided

How do you write stories that grip, thrill and spook children of all ages? Invert the world, add strange elements, and bend the laws of physics to breaking point. Award-winning writer Lee Battersby will take participants through the stages of world-building, story construction, and creating the fantastic, with an eye to creating stories that disturb, thrill, and go bump in the night.


Scriptwriting Masterclass

Noel Price (Writer, Director and Producer)

For: Authors, producers, screenwriters, filmmakers
Materials to bring: Something that you have written (e.g. short story, book, script, etc.)

Participants will be invited to explore – via discussion and in short practical exercises – some key issues about script writing in general and writing for teenagers in particular with renowned producer and director, Noel Price. The session will range across such topics as ‘the idea’, story, characters, structure, genre and tone.


Playing with Pictures: Exploring Pacing, Design and Storytelling in Picture Books

James Mayhew (Author and Illustrator)

For: Intermediate illustrators
Materials to bring: Sketchbook, graphite pencils, text for a picture book, colouring materials and paints that you prefer

Become a better visual storyteller by managing/marrying your words and illustrations with a delicate balance. Come for this Masterclass to learn about creating original and appealing characters and a good use of colour and composition, the sum of which is bound to grab the attention of publishers.