Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2017

National Library Building, Singapore

17 — 21 MAY 2017 ♦ Singapore

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) is an annual festival in Singapore that celebrates and promotes the creation and appreciation of children’s books and content, with a focus on Asian themes.
Indonesia is the country of focus for this year.

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Our popular online illustration contest is back! 

This year’s theme revolves around: food, fantasy and Indonesia.

Submit an illustration inspired by these three keywords (you may refer to one word, or all three), and stand to win full passes to the Writers & Illustrators Conference!

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AFCC Super Short Story

Create a short children’s story with these five words in any order, and get a chance to win a complimentary 3-day Writers & Illustrators Conference ticket worth S$350!

remnants life ridiculous sound envelope
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Festival Highlights

Writers and Illustrators Conference

Featuring tracks on Illustration & Book Design / Young Adult / Kidlit / Translation / Library / Diversity In Kids & Ya Lit.


Cross-Platform Summit

A crossover networking opportunity for media and literary professionals while centring on multi-platform storytelling, pitching, interactive narrative and digital marketing.


Teachers Congress

The Preschool & Primary Teachers Congress features tracks for educators of both Pre-school and Primary children.


Parents Forum

The Parents Forum features tracks for parents of both Pre-school and Primary children.


Session Highlights

Multi-purpose Room Pre-school Primary

Once Upon A Time in Singapore and the Philippines
Filipino Grandmother Grimm and Singaporean Faery Tales - Subversions and Cultural Appropriations

Myra Garces-Bacsal (Educator, Reviewer, Blogger), Sarinajit Kaur (Teaching Fellow, Early Childhood and Special Education Academic Group, National Institute of Education)

This session would look at cultural strategies of appropriation in Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang (The Stories of Grandmother Basyang), early 20th century Filipino fairy tale stories of Severino Reyes - and the Singaporean spin-offs to four foreign fairy tales as seen in Little Red in the Hood and Hansel and Girl-Girl to cite two. The presentation would show how identities are constantly being remade as we shape and claim ownership over our own narratives and come up with our own happily-ever-afters.

Part of Preschool & Primary Teachers Congress

My Tree House Country of Focus

Senggutru (For 4-6 years, 7-9 years)

Riyanto, S,Sn (Director, Theatre Actor, Film Actor, Writer, Stage Manager, Head of Production), Sulthan Tufail (Teenage Storyteller)

Are you scared of the evil, hungry giant? Fear not! Indonesian storytellers, Sultan and his father, will tell you of a story of a little girl called Senggutru, who came face-t-to-face with the giant. Find out how Senggutru's wit and quick thinking helped to save her village from the giant's grasp.

Part of Performances & Activities

What Past Speakers Say

Don Bosco

What an amazing time, spending these days with fellow storytellers and booksellers. The festival opened my mind to new and wonderful ways to make stories for children.

Don Bosco from AFCC 2017, 2015
Founder, Super Cool Books (Singapore)
Amy Ng

AFCC is a great place for writers, illustrators, students and just about anyone who is interested in story-telling. I love how there’s always new ideas, technologies and subject matters to be explored within the context of Asian creators and I'm always inspired by how we can push the envelope to make our voices heard around the world.

Amy Ng from AFCC 2015
Educator, Writer, Illustrator, Pikaland Media (Malaysia)

Festival Updates

Calling writers, illustrators and publishers!
Festival Updates

Calling writers, illustrators and publishers!

Meet and mingle with your readers and introduce new children’s books, apps, and other products to the public at our Book Launches! Closing date for application has been extended to 22 Feb.

Meet other publishers and agents from across the Asia Pacific region to sell and/or exchange your book rights and translation rights, negotiate co-publishing deals and other agreements at Rights Exchange. Closing date for submission has been extended to 15 Mar.

Meeting Teachers and Creators in Depok City

Meeting Teachers and Creators in Depok City

The AFCC Board of Advisors met with teachers, principals and educators at the Al Haraki school, during their recent trip to Indonesia from 11 - 13 November 2016. The speech made by our Chairperson, Ms Claire Chiang, is included below. Welcome Good morning, and thank you for the kind welcome that you have shown me and the team from the Asian... READ FULL ENTRY

What children’s book illustrators can look out for at AFCC 2017

What children’s book illustrators can look out for at AFCC 2017

Did you know that The Book Council is filled with people with varied talents and interests? For example, Judi likes creating poems and repurposing old bags, Adan enjoys writing and reading heaps of comics, and Mabel likes editing (hehe… I'm leaving her to edit this post). As for me, I enjoy illustrating. I’ve tried experimenting with... READ FULL ENTRY

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