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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
23–26 May 2024

Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2024 : Curiosity

Festival Highlights

Join us at the Translation Forum

The 2024 AFCC Translation Forum continues to spotlight the diversity of our stories and the role of translation in promoting the diverse stories and cultures. Try your hand at translating picture books with Lawrence Schimel at his masterclass too! Find out more here!

The AFCC Translation Forum is supported by the National Translation Committee

AFCC Opening Keynote: The Many Forms of Curiosity

Curiosity is a strong driving force in encouraging learning, exploration and innovation. In this opening keynote of AFCC 2024, our speakers will share about their encounters with this quality and how they have also leveraged on it in their work and or practice. More details here!

See you at the Publishing Forum

The AFCC Publishing Forum brings together writers, publishers, editors and industry experts from different facets of the book industry to discuss and address current issues in the publishing world.

Topics at this year's forum will look at how the publishing industry is coping with the rapid advancement of A.I.; the promotion of Southeast Asian and Asian stories; and tackling the issue of agent representation. Find out more here!

Wimmelbooks Exhibitions

Embark on a journey through the enchanting world of wimmelbooks at The Whole World on One Page exhibitions, featuring selections of wimmelbooks from the International Youth Library, Munich, alongside a curated collection of Asian wimmelbooks, happening at the Plaza of the National Library Building during AFCC 2024. Extend your adventure at the companion exhibition, the Asian Children’s Literature Collection: Timeless Tales, housed on the 9th floor of the National Library building. 

Discover more about each exhibition here!

Festival Updates

Call for submissions for 2026 Scholastic Asian Book Award

The call for submissions for the 2026 Scholastic Asian Book Award are open, and you can submit your manuscript for the chance to win the top prize of SGD 10,000 and the chance for your manuscript to be published by Scholastic Asia. Check out the submissions information here. 

ECDA subsidies available! 

If you are an ECDA-certified educator, enjoy a subsidy of $32 - $64 off the price of a regular 1-Day AFCC Festival Pass ticket.

Check your eligibility by registering for the conference, using this code: CPAAFCC24E-2401, via the One@ECDA website. 

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What Attendees Say

AFCC is important as it highlights the significance of Asian children's literature and how Asian kidlit by Asian authors means so much for our children. We write the stories we know and we own our experiences. 

Joyce Chng, speaker at AFCC 2023

One of my AFCC highlights is the author meet and greet and book signing sessions. They were something special to remember!

Fairuz Atiqah, attendee at AFCC 2023

Asian Festival of Children’s Content

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) is the leading festival in Asia for children’s stories and young adult (YA) fiction. Targeted at writers, illustrators, translators, publishers, educators and media professionals, AFCC offers a series of exciting programmes, including panel discussions, presentations, workshops, lectures, masterclasses, networking sessions and public programmes that promote the creation and appreciation of quality children's literature and YA with a focus on Asian themes. 

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Illustration by Beth Parrocha