Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2017

National Library Building, Singapore

17 — 21 MAY 2017 ♦ Singapore

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) is an annual festival in Singapore that celebrates and promotes the creation and appreciation of children’s books and content, with a focus on Asian themes.
Indonesia is the country of focus for this year.

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Our popular online illustration contest is back! 

This year’s theme revolves around: food, fantasy and Indonesia.

Submit an illustration inspired by these three keywords (you may refer to one word, or all three), and stand to win full passes to the Writers & Illustrators Conference!

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AFCC Super Short Story

Create a short children’s story with these five words in any order, and get a chance to win a complimentary 3-day Writers & Illustrators Conference ticket worth S$350!

remnants life ridiculous sound envelope
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Festival Highlights

Writers and Illustrators Conference

Featuring tracks on Illustration & Book Design / Young Adult / Kidlit / Translation / Library / Diversity In Kids & Ya Lit.


Cross-Platform Summit

A crossover networking opportunity for media and literary professionals while centring on multi-platform storytelling, pitching, interactive narrative and digital marketing.


Teachers Congress

The Preschool & Primary Teachers Congress features tracks for educators of both Pre-school and Primary children.


Parents Forum

The Parents Forum features tracks for parents of both Pre-school and Primary children.


Session Highlights

Marine Parade Public Library – Programme Zone

[Chinese Programme] My Life is Interesting! (For 4-6 years, 7-9 years)

Hou Jing (Senior Lecturer, KLC International Institute)

Session completed.

For: Parents and children


Book-making is an effective way to empower and encourage young children to express themselves, and better understand how they feel, what they think and how they live their everyday lives. Children will learn topics they can create a book with and guiding questions they can use, and you can get to understand your children better through this little book exercise! So bring your children down so they can have fun making a book they can share with their friends!

Part of Fun with Languages

Possibility Room Primary

Blokes with Books: Can Social Belonging Impact on Reading Motivation and Skill for Young Boys?

Nadine Bailey (Teacher librarian, Canadian International School)

For the past 1 and a half years, something special has been happening at a school campus in Singapore. Boys aged 8-12 are arguing about whose turn it is to read a desired book and rushing to join a book club that’s so full, it’s not taking any more members. How did this happen? More importantly, how can you recreate the magic in your school? Nadine will spill the beans at this session.

Part of Preschool & Primary Teachers Congress

What Past Speakers Say

Pearl Mascarenhas

AFCC 2015 was an enriching experience. I attended the Teacher’s Congress and was impressed with the quality of presentations especially the keynote speech by Rosemary Johnston. It was heartening to see such a range of presenters across diverse countries and fields all come together to discuss the many facets of children’s literature.

Pearl Mascarenhas from AFCC 2015
Programme Leader, New Zealand Tertiary College (New Zealand)
Anushka Ravishankar

Dashing from one venue to another, listening to wonderful speakers, debating interesting topics, meeting kindred souls from across the ocean, catching up with friends for coffee, lunch and dinner, stopping at the festival shop Closetful of Books to see how the books are doing—the AFCC keeps one on one’s toes, physically and mentally.

Anushka Ravishankar from AFCC 2015, 2013
Author and Principal Platypus, Duckbill Books (India)

Festival Updates

Newly Added
Festival Updates

Newly Added

Published a book or created a children’s film or app within the past two years? Send it in for display at the local creator showcase and share it with the community of creators at AFCC Makan & Mingle by 30 March 2017!

Want to gain insights into the education in Singapore? Interested to meet and exchange ideas with other educators and librarians? AFCC brings you the inaugural AFCC Edutour

Why be Creative?

Why be Creative?

Why not? I can think of a few reasons... Without creativity, life would be stale I’ve seen how people spice up the dullest of chores or things to make them more interesting. Take barista art, or an ingenious table that can be folded on the wall, or shelves made from an old guitar. We owe it to... READ FULL ENTRY

Calling writers, illustrators and publishers!
Festival Updates

Calling writers, illustrators and publishers!

Meet and mingle with your readers and introduce new children’s books, apps, and other products to the public at our Book Launches! Closing date for application has been extended to 22 Feb.

Meet other publishers and agents from across the Asia Pacific region to sell and/or exchange your book rights and translation rights, negotiate co-publishing deals and other agreements at Rights Exchange. Closing date for submission has been extended to 15 Mar.

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