Aeron Young

Co-Founder, YoungandFit.asia (Singapore)

Dream Bearers: Inspiring Children to Achieve

Aeron Young is the co-creator of the Young and Fit project. He has scaled some of the highest volcanoes in Africa, Indonesia and New Zealand to raise funds for underprivileged children, and to raise awareness for creating life dreams. He is a recipient of the Yellow Ribbon Champion award. He was featured in My Paper and on local radio station, Capital 95.8FM.

Ai Yu 艾禺

Author (Singapore)

Book Talk 作者汇谈: 《狮心绘意——中新儿童文学原创作品》新加坡少年文学—魔幻与现实的追求 Children’s Literature in Singapore: The Pursuit of Magic and Reality

Liew Kwee Lan, who writes under the pen name Ai Yu, is the Vice President of the Singapore Association of Writers. Her works include microfiction and novels for children. She is currently freelance journalist and a resident writer in schools.


AJ Betts

Author (Australia)

Creative Writing WorkshopSchool Visit with AJ BettsYA without Cliché: Creating Authentic Voices and StoriesLove Without the Gag Factor in Young Adult Novels

AJ Betts is an award-winning Australian author of young adult fiction. Her latest novel, Zac & Mia, is being published in 12 countries and has won the 2014 NSW Premier’s Literary Award, the 2014 SCBWI Crystal Kite Award, and the 2012 Text Prize. She is passionate about creativity, teaching and cycling.

Alison Norrington

Writer, Producer, CEO and Founder of storycentral (UK)

Cross-platform Storytelling & Development MasterclassCreating Epic StoryworldsSpeed Pitching (Media)Connecting with Children through Transmedia StorytellingTransmedia Publishing and Publishing in the Digital World

Alison Norrington is a writer, producer, CEO and founder of storycentral, a London-based entertainment studio that incubates and develops transmedia properties with global partners.

Allyscia Clare Pereira

Student (Singapore)

Fun with Words: Children’s Reading Choices

11-year-old Allyscia Clare Pereira is a Primary 5 student at Raffles Girls' Primary School. Her hobbies include reading, watching television and eating. Her favourite books are the All the Wrong Questions series, The Graveyard Book, The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas and Secret Garden. She enjoys fantasy books the most as they can be great yet tragic, and most of all, easy to read.

Amy Ng

Educator, Writer, Illustrator, Pikaland Media (Malaysia)

Meet-the-Blogger SessionFirst Look – Illustration CritiqueIllustrators: How to Define Your Style through Story and Share It with the World

Amy Ng is an art and design magazine editor-turned-illustrator who teaches at The One Academy in Malaysia on topics about creativity and illustration. A self-taught artist, she regularly writes on the topic of entrepreneurship, illustration and creativity, deciphering clues and shedding light on the intersection between them.


Andrea Law

Student (Singapore)

Fun with Words: Children’s Reading Choices

Andrea Law is a student studying in Nan Hua Primary School. She is an assistant head prefect and is also in the Talented and Gifted Program. She is an avid reader and enjoys fiction books. Her favorite authors include Dan Brown, Jacqueline Wilson and Ho Lee-Ling.

Andrea Pasion-Flores

General Manager, Anvil Philippines (Philippines)

Speed Pitching (Writing)Working with Literary Agents to Have Your Books Published

Andrea Pasion-Flores is the general manager of Anvil Philippines, one of the biggest general trade publishers in the Philippines. Anvil publishes adult fiction, nonfiction, children's picture books and middle grade chap books. Andrea was previously an agent for Jacaranda Literary Agency, handling fiction and the children's list. Prior to that, she was the Executive Director of the National Book Development Board of the Philippines.

Ani Rosa Almario

Vice President, Adarna House (Philippines)

In Other Words: The Challenge of Multilingual Children’s Literature

Ani Rosa Almario is the Vice President of Adarna House, Philippines’ first and largest children's book publishing house. She is the Co-Founder and Director of The Raya School, a progressive school that aims to instill a sense of national pride and a love for science among young children. She obtained her Master’s degree in Learning, Design, and Technology from Stanford University, and is currently pursuing a doctorate at UP Diliman.

Ann Carlson Weeks

Associate Dean, University of Maryland (USA)

Selecting Books and Media for Readers in LibrariesUsing Digital Content for Learning and Pleasure for ChildrenSelecting Digital Content and Providing Services to the Public

Ann Carlson Weeks is Associate Dean for Academic Programs in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. She received her Ph.D. in Library and Information Services from the University of Pittsburgh. Ann is a Principal Investigator and the Director of Collection Development for the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL). 

Anushka Ravishankar

Author and Principal Platypus, Duckbill Books (India)

The Hybrid Author – Author and PublisherHumour Works for Children: Fun and Laughter in Children’s Content

Anushka Ravishankar has published over 25 books for children, including picture books, chapter books and non-fiction. Many of her books have been translated into French, Italian, German and Spanish, among other languages. She is now a publisher with Duckbill Books, which publishes books for children and young adults.

Audrey Lim

Early Childhood Expert (Singapore)

Structures and Patterns in Various Genres of Story Writing

Audrey Lim, Ph. D., has held positions as Deputy Head and Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer of the Early Childhood and Special Needs Education Academic Group at the National Institute of Education. She was previously the Head and Associate Professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Her areas of research expertise include Child Development and Assessment, Play and Literacy, and Teacher Professional Development.

Drs. Bahri Rajib

Retired Educator (Singapore)

Acquaint Your Child with Malay Language

Drs. Bahri Rajib is a retired Malay linguist with over 40 years of primary, secondary and junior college teaching experience with the Ministry of Education (MOE). He is a scriptwriter for radio and author of children’s picture books since 1976. He has published a novel, short stories, numerous poetry as well as school textbooks and Malay educational supplementary materials. He is the creator of Fonik Ria Cepat Membaca, a comprehensive Malay phonics reading system for children, and is currently an adjunct teacher at the School of the Arts Singapore.

Benson Loo 吕耀聪

Co-Founder, Teevers (Singapore)

以优质内容和身临其境技术转变儿童阅读体验Transforming Children’s Reading Experience with Content & Immersive Technologies

Benson Loo, Co-Founder of Teevers, an educational software development company, has designed award-winning educational products like NewsMaker (a CODiE Award Finalist, Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom) and Moo-O (Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence). Benson has also worked closely with many teachers and students in countries such as Australia, China and the United States in infusing the learning products he designed into classroom practices.


C.K. Koh 许镇权

Deputy Head, Fine Arts Division, The One Academy (Malaysia)

Bedtime Story Making with Your ChildrenLearning through Questioning and Creative Problem Solving

C.K.Koh is a contemporary artist whose works cross different principles from fine art painting to illustration. He is involved in multiple exhibitions, comic projects and picture book publications. He has had 15 years of experience in teaching illustration and is currently the Deputy Head of Fine Arts Division at The One Academy in Malaysia.

Cai Gao 蔡皋

Author, Illustrator (China)

从《桃花源记》背后的故事说起 Stories behind The Peach Blossom Spring

Cai Gao, who has won numerous book awards, was heralded as China’s most outstanding young editor in 1996. In 2000, she was named the nation’s most outstanding children artist. Her works include the award-winning The Seven Sisters, King Lear, and The Fox Spirit of the Waste Land. In 2002, her work Utopia Story went on an exhibition tour in Japan, and was published for the Gospel Hall Bookstore.

蔡皋, 20年来所编图书在各级各类图书评奖中多次获奖,1996年被评为全国优秀中青年编辑,2000年被评为全国优秀儿童工作者。工作之余从事绘本创作,自作品《七姊妹》获“全国儿童读物插图作品邀请赛优秀作品奖”始,陆续创作了《李尔王》《干将莫邪》《荒原狐精》等作品。2000年被聘为第34届波隆那国际儿童图画书插图展评选委员。2002年,作品《桃花源的故事》原作展在日本巡回展出,并为日本福音馆书店出版。

Find out more: Country of Focus

Candy Gourlay

Author (Philippines - Based in London)

[Keynote] Why Asia Needs More Writers for Children and Young People

Candy Gourlay’s debut novel Tall Story was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and shortlisted for 13 awards. It won the 2012 National Children’s Book Award in the Philippines as well as the 2011 Crystal Kite Award for Europe. Her second book SHINE won Candy her second Crystal Kite Award last year, and was nominated for the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize.


Catarina Sobral

Illustrator and Picture Book Maker (Portugal)

Visual Texts and NarrativesThe Picture Book as an ObjectFirst Look – Illustration Critique

Catarina Sobral is an award-winning illustrator and a picture book maker. She has kept a connection with graphic art, from her design training, but she does not attain to just one technique, looking for experimentation and versatility. Her work has been published and exhibited in many countries around the world.

Chan Wai Han

Business Development Manager, Ethos Books (Singapore)

Speed Pitching (Writing)

Though trained as a social worker, Chan Wai Han’s career has revolved around printing, publishing and translation. Besides culling manuscripts for Ethos Books, she is also involved in the copy-editing and layout process for some titles. She was one of the writers selected for the inaugural Botanic Gardens Residency in 2013, and also published a children’s picture book Micah and Grandma at the Singapore Botanic Gardens last year.

Chang Tzu-chang 張子樟

Writer, Translator, Editor, Commentator, Reading Promoter (Taiwan)

Chinese-English Translations of Children’s Books深入淺出:童書的英譯中 Going In-Depth: English-Chinese Translations of Children’s Stories

Chang Tzu-Chang attended four universities to study the different fields in language teaching, journalism and communication, Chinese Studies, and literary criticism. He has written 14 books on children’s literature, including Young Adult Novels for Everyone, The Taste of Close Reading: The Commentary of Young Adult Literature and The Fantastic World of Storytellers. He has edited 19 books and translated 18 titles (which includes 10 young adult novels, six picture books, and one biography).

張教授曽在四間大學攻讀不同的學術領域:語言教學(臺灣師範大學)、新聞與傳播(政治大學)、中國研究(中國文化大學)與文學批評(威斯康辛大學,麥迪遜校區)。他是作家、譯者、編者、評論者、閱讀推廣者。至今已有評論集14冊(主要作品包括:《少年小說大家讀》、《細讀的滋味》、《說書人的異想世界》等) 、譯書18本(包括少年小說10本、繪本6本、文化理論1本、傳記1本)、編輯選集19冊。

Chia Zhi Yao

Student (Singapore)

Fun with Words: Children’s Reading Choices

Chia Zhi Yao is a Primary Six student at Nan Hua Primary School. He enjoys using his free time reading books and watching the television. His favourite books include the Percy Jackson and Alex Rider series, Skulduggery Pleasant, Oathbreaker, and Divergence.

Chitra Shegar

Director, Reading Edge Academy (Singapore)

Contextualised Vocabulary Teaching through Story Books

Dr. Chitra Shegar served as Assistant Professor at the English Language and Literature Department of the National Institute of Education from 2004 to 2015. Currently, she is the director of Reading Edge Academy which facilitates pedagogical shift in literacy instruction in educational institutions. Her areas of specialisation include language acquisition, language teaching methodology, literacy instruction and children’s literature. 

Christopher Cheng

Author (Australia)

Authors Debate: Asian Readers Deserve Better than Translations of Western WorksFirst Pages – Writing Critique

Christopher Cheng is the award-winning author of more than 40 children's books in print and digital formats, including Water, an AFCC Publication. His picture book Python was shortlisted in the 2013 Australian Book of the Year Awards, and listed as one of “Outstanding Merit” in 2014 Best Books of the Year by Bank Street College. He is also the co-chair of the SCBWI Advisory board and on the AFCC board.


Chua Chee Lay 蔡志礼

Linguist, Educator, Poet, Author (Singapore)

Chinese Children’s Books in Singapore

Associate Professor Chua Chee Lay is a linguist, educator, award-winning poet and children’s book writer. He is also the Chief Editor for several books and series, including Keeping My Mandarin Alive: Lee Kuan Yew’s Language Learning Experiences (Chinese, English and China Edition) as well as Journey of Our Young, a Young Writers Project by the Ministry of Education.


David Seow

Author, Illustrator (Singapore)

School Visits: The Singapore and International Experience

David Seow is the author of 33 well-received children’s picture books including the Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di series. His books There’s Soup on My Fly, Blow A Kiss and If I Were a Blue Kangaroo were short-listed for the SCBWI Crystal Kite Members’ Choice Award.


Denise Lai

Managing Director, Wee Care Group Singapore (Singapore)

[Lunchtime Talk] Panel of Principals: Experiences that Support Children as Literacy Learners

Denise is currently working towards her doctorate in education. She has a Master of Education degree from the University of Sheffield; an Honours degree in Psychology; and a degree in English/Linguistics. She founded the Wee Care Group in 1996 and has helmed it as its Managing Director since. Denise‘s doctoral dissertation is entitled “A Critical Ethnography of Academic Acceleration in the Early Childhood Years in Singapore”. 


Dilip Mukerjea

Author, Owner & Managing Director of Braindancing International & Buzan Centre (India)

Morning Introduction[Workshop] SuperteachingIllustrating and Writing for Non-fiction Books[Workshop] Maximising Children’s Intellectual Performance[Keynote] Power Parenting for LearningVisual Mapping for Young Children to Enhance their Learning Capabilities

Dilip Mukerjea has been publicly acclaimed as “phenomenally creative and easily one of the world’s top ten Master Mind Mappers” by Tony Buzan himself. Dilip is involved in developing further skills that will significantly enhance anyone’s creative and innovative capacity. He is the author of Superbrain, Brainfinity and Braindancing.

Don Bosco

Founder, Super Cool Books (Singapore)

Using Digital Content to Improve Your Fiction and Engage More Readers

Don Bosco writes thrilling fiction for teens and children. His stories are mostly inspired by Asian legends and pop culture. He started the publishing studio Super Cool Books in 2011. In 2015, his Sherlock Hong series was acquired by Marshall Cavendish for international release.


Doreen Leong

Director, Co-Founder, Our Music Classroom (Singapore)

Learning Language through Creative Music and Movement

An accredited Orff-Schulwerk Music Specialist and Kodaly Music Specialist, Doreen Leong has devoted her 26-year career to developing young musicians. Doreen specialises in piano teaching and music movement for newborns to children 7 years of age. She is an active member of regional and national organisations like the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association, and the Association for Early Childhood Educators.

Dylan Yamada-Rice

Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, University of Sheffield (UK)

The Importance of Supporting Young Children’s Digital Literacies[Keynote] Digital Technologies to Aid Children’s Learning

Dylan Yamada-Rice is a lecturer in Early Childhood Education at the University of Sheffield, UK. Her research is concerned with changes in emerging communication practices. She has conducted funded studies into children’s digital game play and multimodal communication practices. These including young children’s access to digital technologies that foreground images and the way in which family members support engagement with digital technologies.

Edmund Lim

Director (Special Projects), Educare (Singapore)

Fostering a Love for Learning through Games

Edmund is currently serving as a director of Educare, a Singapore Teachers' Union Co-operative. He previously served as a principal and vice principal in primary and secondary schools. He taught and conducted research for four years as a teaching fellow at the National Institute of Education. He also taught under the Gifted Education Programme for both government and mission schools.

Edmund Wee

Publisher, Epigram Books (Singapore)

Speed Pitching (Writing)First Pages – Writing Critique

Edmund Wee is the founder of Epigram Books, a publisher best known for its bestselling Young Adult series by Adeline Foo, The Diary of Amos Lee. Among Epigram’s titles are the landmark translations of five novels and short-story collections by Cultural Medallion winners from Chinese, Malay and Tamil into English last year, and nine out-of-print novels re-published for a new generation of readers. He also published former Foreign Minister S Rajaratnam’s short stories and the English translations of children’s picture books from Europe and Asia.


Elaine Forrestal

Author (Australia)

The Key to the Treasure is the Treasure: Mysteries and Metaphors in Young Adult FictionBringing a Dead Pirate Back to Life

Elaine Forrestal is a full-time award-winning writer whose novels, short stories and poems are published in Australia and overseas in books, eBooks, magazines and on TV. Her short story, The Cross-eyed Mirror, was published this year in Near & Dear: Stories for Children from Australia and Singapore. Elaine has travelled extensively, speaking at conferences and working as a Writer-in-Residence throughout Australia, in Northern Ireland, and in France.


Elbert Or

Comic Creator and Lecturer, Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines)

Crash Course: Visual Storytelling and Creative Entrepreneurship for Comic CreatorsChoosing Your Niche AreaComic Books: Social Media Marketing and Creative Entrepreneurship

Elbert Or is an award-winning creator of all-ages comics, including Bakemono High, Manosaur, and the webcomic Homeycomb: A Married Life, which he co-created with his wife Lorra Elena. He teaches Fine Arts in Ateneo de Manila University, and is co-founder of Pushpin Visuals.

Elly Tandiono

Director, Kidpublish (Indonesia)

Building Young Writers

Elly Tandiono is the founder and director of Kidpublish, a publisher based in Indonesia that specialises in publishing books written by young children aged 6 - 15 years old. Its vision is to enable the skills development of young children in the areas of reading and writing.

Emila Yusof

Illustrator, Blogger (Malaysia)

Pantun Workshop: Writing the Malay pantun with illustrations

Emila Yusof is an illustrator and blogger based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her blog, emilayusof.com is extremely popular as she not only writes but also illustrates about her travels, art and illustration process. She has published a number of children's picture books, big books and craft books for children. Her most popular books are the Dina series which started with My Mother's Garden, followed by My Mother's Kitchen and My Father's Farm. They are available in English and Malay and My Mother's Garden have been translated into German and Chinese.

Emily Lim

Author (Singapore)

Unleash Your Potential with Online Platforms

Emily Lim’s numerous children’s picture books have been published in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Korea, and also used in animation, theatre and schools. She is the first author outside North America to win 3 medals in children’s books at the IPPY Awards, and the first in Southeast Asia to win the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award. Emily was named Singapore Woman Award Honoree 2013 for her works, which include her inspirational memoir Finding My Voice.

Emma Nicholson

Author (Singapore)

The Nuts and Bolts of Self-Publishing: The Good, the Bad and the Fabulous

Emma Nicholson is a born scavenger, collecting ideas from all walks of life. She worked as a book editor and language tutor until she was teased and tortured by her kids to write. She published ‘Princess Petunia's Dragon’ for emergent readers in 2014 and is currently busy crafting more stories with writers in Singapore.

Eric Huang

Development Director, Made in Me (UK)

Opportunities and the Virtues of Adaptability in Digital ContentStorytelling from an AppSpeed Pitching (Media)

Eric Huang is Development Director at Made in Me, an award-winning company in London specialising in children‘s digital entertainment. He was previously the Managing Editor at Penguin in Melbourne, a Publisher at Funtastic, and Head of Licensing at Parragon Books in the UK. He also worked for six years at Penguin in the UK as one of the children’s publishers, and looked after Penguin’s IP and co-production businesses.

Eugene Tay

Director, MonstroCity (Singapore)

Fostering a Love for Learning through Games

Eugene Tay believes in the power of imagination and that children can achieve amazing things if they are allowed to think creatively. In an environment dominated by rote learning and writing templates, Eugene’s signature teaching method allows children to discover their talent and grow to be an independent thinker and writer.

Evangeline Neo

Creative Director, Evaworks (Singapore)

Choosing Your Niche AreaComic Books: Social Media Marketing and Creative Entrepreneurship

Evangeline Neo is a Singaporean comic artist who has been drawing webcomics (Evacomics) for over seven years. Using her business skills gained from her Master of Business Administration course, she has succeeded in growing her Facebook ‘likes’ from 600 in 2012, to 63,000 in 2014 – without paying for a single Facebook ad.


Evelyn Sue Wong

Author (Singapore)

Forest of Stories: Annotated Bibliography of Tree-themed Picture Books

Evelyn writes for children. She has conducted bilingual storytelling workshops, Makan Mischief, in the 2015 Singapore Writers Festival for Families (SWF3) and The Noisiest Tree, in TranslateSingapore Festival 2016, organised by the Select Centre.

Fred Chao

Graphic Novelist (USA)

[Keynote] Of Culture and ComicsChoosing Your Niche AreaTackling Controversial Topics in Children’s Comics

Fred Chao is the writer and illustrator of the Johnny Hiro series, parts of which have appeared in The Best American Comics anthology in 2010. He also wrote the children’s comic Alison and Her Rainy Day Robot, and had a piece included in the Found: Requiem for a Paper Bag anthology.


Gary Choo

Senior Concept Artist, Illustrator (Singapore)

Creating Cover Art for Marvel Comics

Gary Choo is an artist residing in Singapore. His notable works includes Conceptual Art for LucasArt’s 1313, Monkey Island 2: Special Edition and CoverArt for Image Comics Liquid City 3. Currently he is a Senior Concept Artist at local start-up, Booster Pack, along with other ex-LucasArts members. He’s also actively doing cover art for Marvel Comics.

Genevieve Sarah Loh

Senior Journalist, TODAY / Channel NewsAsia (Singapore)

Reviewing Books and Movies: How are they Different?

Genevieve Loh is the resident film journalist and movie critic of Mediacorp's TODAY newspaper. Across the mediums of print, television and online, Genevieve has interviewed many international and Oscar-winning movie stars and filmmakers. She is the resident film critic and movie presenter for Channel NewsAsia's First Look Asia, and can be heard on Radio 938LIVE. She has also covered the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, as well as the seminal Golden Globes Awards in Hollywood. 

George Jacobs

Lecturer, James Cook University Singapore (Singapore)

Don’t Leave the Boys Behind: Motivating Boys to ReadPicture Books and Activities for After Reading

Dr George Jacobs teaches workshops on reading and cooperative learning for the National Book Development Council of Singapore, as well as other institutions locally and abroad. He has written widely on reading aloud to children, extensive reading, cooperative learning and student-centred instruction. At James Cook University, George teaches academics.

Gerald Cai

Head of Learning, Media Solutions & Product Planning, Southeast Asia, SAMSUNG Electronics (Singapore)

How Does An Engaging E-Book or Mobile App Look Like?

Learning technology has been an area close to Gerald’s heart for over a decade and he participated in the industry as an entrepreneur, corporate executive and adviser to startups. He is currently responsible for building the Learning content and services ecosystem for Samsung in the region. Prior to Samsung, Gerald was a Regional Director at Pearson APAC.

Goh Yeng Seng 吴英成

Professor of Linguistics and Language Education, National Institute of Education (Singapore)

Getting Your Child Ready for a Bilingual Future

Professor Goh Yeng Seng received his Bachelor of Arts in Chinese language and literature from National Taiwan University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in linguistics from the University of London. He is a bilingual and bicultural scholar whose main research clusters include the teaching of Chinese as a(n) second/foreign/heritage/international language; Chinese-English language policies and language education; and bilingualism and multilingual societies. He has published several research articles in countries like the USA, China, Taiwan, Germany and South Korea.

Golda Mowe

Author (Malaysia)

Tribal Works in the Region: The Growing Interest in Folklore and Myth Interest

Golda Mowe is a writer from Malaysia who writes about the Iban people of Sarawak. Her debut novel Iban Dream was published in paperback in 2013 by Monsoon Books The traditional stories of this indigenous tribe continue to be a major source of inspiration in many of her works.

Heng Huey Bin

Senior Librarian, National Library Board (Singapore)

Don’t Leave the Boys Behind: Motivating Boys to Read

Heng Huey Bin leads a team of librarians in the strategic planning, development and implementation of a whole school approach to reading for students aged 7–17. She enjoys reading young adult novels and shares her experiences in the Young People's Services at speaking engagements such as the IFLA 2008 Satellite meeting.

Herman Rothman

National Library Board (Singapore)

Book Talk and National Story Challenge Roadshow (in Malay)

Herman Rothman has been with National Library Board since 2008. He has been conducting various children, teens and adults reading-based programmes with partners such as learning institutions, organisations, volunteer groups, members of the public as well as prominent individuals within the literary circle. Being a former language teacher who once served as a tutor at the National University of Singapore , his forte is in Malay language and literature. He has been an editor for the Malay language, and has been deeply involved in developing content, conceptualising and running Malay programmes for the Public Libraries.

Hidayah Amin

Author (Singapore)

Books for Children with Special Needs: We Want to Read Too!The Nuts and Bolts of Self-Publishing: The Good, the Bad and the Fabulous

Hidayah Amin started blogging a few years ago so that her mother could live vicariously through her adventures. She then wrote her first book to document her family history. Her second book was to seek ‘revenge’ while her third book was to promote racial harmony. Not too shabby for someone who wanted to be a doctor! 

Indra Ang

Senior Manager, Marketing, Marshall Cavendish Education (Singapore)

Building Young Writers

Indra Ang is passionate about working with young content creators, parents and educators to promote works of children for children. Coming from a publishing background which focuses on children’s education, and as a mother of three, Indra strongly believes she has much to contribute in encouraging the young to become budding writers.


Janet Mann

Librarian / Reading Consultant (Based in Hong Kong)

An Invitation to Adventure: Selecting Enticing Reading Materials for ChildrenBooks and Beyond: An Exploration of Strategies to Encourage Reading

Janet originally worked in the UK Public Libraries in posts with ‘responsibility for children and young people’. After relocating to Hong Kong with her husband, she continued as a School Librarian in both the international and local school sectors. She is currently a ‘reading consultant’ for a local HK school, and also a writer and storyteller.

Jeong Jin Lim

Author (Korea)

‘The Never Mind Girl’ – Bilingual storytelling in Korean & English‘The Wolf Khan from the DMZ’ - Bilingual storytelling in Korean & EnglishThe Never Mind Girl Meets the Wolf Khan from the DMZ

Jeong Jin Lim teaches Children’s Book Writing at Seoul Digital University. She made her debut in 1989 with a cinema storybook, Happiness Doesn’t Come in the Order of School Grades, which sold over 200,000 copies. She has written over 100 titles for children and young adults, three of which were published in France, Japan and Taiwan. Her main works include Hey, It’s a Secret; My Big Brother; and Delicious Cloudy Beans.


Jessica Sutandar

Author (Indonesia)

Building Young Writers

16-year-old Jessica Sutandar will be sharing her personal experience of being and growing as a young writer. Jessica has published several books like the Pony Diaries series, Moonfire, and Magic Moonstone. She has loved to write since she was six. The short stories she wrote when she was six were made into a compilation and DVD animation, titled Animal Days.  

JF Koh

Organiser, International 24-Hour Comics Day Organising Committee (Singapore)

Unleash Your Potential with Online Platforms

JF Koh, a freelance web consultant and aspiring science fiction writer, has been organising the Singapore chapter of the 24-Hour Comics Day since 2010. In this international event, thousands of comics creators from all over the world challenge themselves to each create 24 pages of comics within 24 hours.

Jinghan Xie

Student (Singapore)

Fun with Words: Children’s Reading Choices

As an avid reader, Jinghan Xie has read all sorts of books from different genres. These include the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Heroes of Olympus, the Harry Potter series, Ender's Game (which belongs to what Jinghan believes is the most engaging genre – Science Fiction), The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner.

Jo Osman

Deputy Head of Infants, Tanglin Trust School (Singapore)

The Importance of Speaking and Listening in Developing Literacy

Originally an illustrator, Jo retrained as a primary school teacher over a decade ago, and has since worked in the UK, China, Indonesia and now, Singapore. She has had extensive experience in curriculum design and development, as well as leading Literacy from the Early Years through to Year 6. Within these roles she successfully developed a skills-based creative curriculum, making Literacy more purposeful, relevant and engaging. 

Joanna Tan

Senior Art Psychotherapist, Heartspace (Singapore)

Art Therapy for Children

Joanna Tan is a pioneer in the field of art therapy in Singapore, having graduated from Edith Cowan University in 2004. She is an experienced art therapist, group facilitator, educator, clinical supervisor and artist. Joanna was the Regional Chairperson of the Australian New Zealand Art Therapy Association. In 2011, she also served as Vice President for the Art Therapy Association of Singapore. She has presented in various conferences in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

Joey Ng

Illustrator (Singapore)

Duelling Illustrators (in Mandarin)

Joey Ng is an aspiring illustrator and graphic designer who graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma with Merit in Animation. She won the Gold medal for Graphic Design Technology in Worldskills Singapore 2012, and attained a Medallion of Excellence while representing Singapore for the international-level Worldskills Competition in Germany in 2013. Apart from drawing, she is a handicraft enthusiast who enjoys sculpting and making charms as occasional gifts.

Kathleen Ahrens

Professor, Department of English at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and member of the Board of Advisors, Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (Hong Kong)

Crafting the Perfect PitchWriting Bilingual Picture Books

Kathleen Ahrens is a Professor in the Department of English at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and is on the Board of Advisors for the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators. Professor Ahrens has judged for the Feng-Zi Kai Picture Book Award and Hong Kong Picture Book Award and has been invited to give talks in Europe, Asia and the US on topics relating to language in children's literature, picture book evaluation, and writing for children and young adults.


Kelvin Ang

Parent Blogger, Cheekiemonkie.net (Singapore)

Hearing from the Dads

Kelvin is remarkably blessed with three kids, two terrapins and one fabulous wife. Blogging since 2005, he loves sussing out the best kid-friendly places in Singapore. In 2013, Kelvin co-founded Daddy Matters, an online community of active dads, as well as dads who want to be active, hoping to learn as well as promote the message of active fatherhood through to everyone.

Ken Spillman

Author (Australia)

Writing YA Across Cultures

Dr Ken Spillman is the author of more than 50 books. Based in Australia, Ken travels frequently and has spoken to more than 70,000 children in the past four years. He is a long-time advocate for writers and writing in the Asian region, and actively supports organisations connecting marginalised children with the world of stories.


Kenny Tan

Filmmaker, Visual Director and Producer Mediacorp (Singapore)

Mock Pitch Session (Media)

Kenny Tan is a Singapore based filmmaker, visual director and producer. He has been involved in an array of local and international projects ranging from film, television, multimedia as well as transmedia content creation for various platforms.

Koh Boon Long

Advisor, Singapore Education Academy (Singapore)

[Lunchtime Talk] Panel of Principals: Experiences that Support Children as Literacy Learners

A recipient of the 2001 National Day Public Administration Medal (awarded by the President of Singapore), Mr Koh Boon Long has served as School Principal for twelve years in three secondary schools with distinction – leading two of the schools to higher level of academic achievements and value-added academic and student development awards.

Krishnamurthi Mathangi

Author, Poet (Singapore)

Inculcating the Joy of Reading in Your Children and Enjoy Other Secret BenefitsWrite Tamil Poetry with Your Child

Krishnamurthi Mathangi, a post graduate in Tamil Literature, writes speculative and literary fiction, as well as classical and modern poetry. Her works have won prizes and been published in various magazines in India, Malaysia and Singapore. Her accolades include the Commendation Award in the Singapore Literature Prize in 2014, and the Shakthi Award for Best Women Poet in 2014. Her poems have also been selected and published in seven anthologies including 50 by 50 and Indian Global Tamil Poetry.

Latfy Anuar Latif

Director, Latfy & Associates (Singapore)

Have Fun Creating Your Own Picture Books

Latfy Anuar Latif graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Manchester in England. He has worked in a number of architecture and design firms before moving into multimedia, design, photography, documentary filmmaking and illustrations. He has handled a number of workshops on illustrations and storytelling in schools and universities, and is the illustrator/co-author for the Dr Bubbles children’s storybook series.

Lavina Chong

Educator (Singapore)

Learning Language through Creative Music and MovementA Musical Learning Journey with Children’s Literature

Lavina Chong is the Co-Founder/Director of Our Music Classroom that provides creative music and movement programmes to local and international schools in Singapore. She has attained a Masters in Science (Early Childhood Education) and has professional qualifications in music, yoga for kids, speech and drama, and storytelling. She is presently an Associate Professor with Wheelock College International, and an Adjunct Lecturer with Seed Institute, UniSIM, and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Her specialisations include Performing Arts (Music, Movement and Drama) and Infant/Toddler Development.

Lee Han Shih

Director, Potato Productions (Singapore)

Digital Learning Experiences in Asia

Lee Han Shih is founder of Potato Productions, a multimedia group specialising in virtual engagement platforms. He has been a journalist for more than 30 years and was previously a teacher. His favourite song is Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin’", which he believes describes today's social media scene perfectly.

Lee Kow Fong 阿果

Lecturer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore)

Teaching Your Children StoryboardsMoods Illustrated!Chinese Children’s Books in Singapore

Lee Kow Fong, a.k.a. Ah Guo, received his Master of Arts in Children’s Book Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University. Apart from teaching full-time at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, he is also actively involved in the promotion and creation of children’s picture-books in Singapore.


Lee Seow Ser

Writer, Editor and Parent (Singapore)

Creating a Space for Learning at Home

Lee Seow Ser is a mother, writer, editor and lawyer. An active contributor and creator of quality Singapore-based content on family life and parenting matters, her works have been published in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, TODAY newspaper, as well as parenting and family life columns. She is writing her first children’s picture book.

Li Li 李莉

Trainer, SEED Institute (Singapore)

Learn to Read — Opening the Door to Learning

Li Li has 24 years of pre-school teaching experience. She was a Senior Chinese Teacher at Creative O Preschools’ Bay for 14 years, during which she pioneered a comprehensive curriculum to promote Chinese reading among pre-schoolers. She also actively promotes the importance of parents in developing children’s interest in reading, and is a regular speaker and trainer at talks and workshops for parents. She is currently a trainer at SEED Institute.

李莉老师现任新加坡新苗师范学院实习指导教师。她拥有近24年学前教育的丰富教学经验,其中有十四年在新意元幼源 (Creative O Preschools’ Bay) 担任高级华文教师,并大力推广学前亲子阅读活动。她也经常受邀与本地和海外的老师分享她的儿童文学教学经验和主持教师工作坊,同时也曾多次举办家长阅读工作坊。

Liang Huiyu 梁慧瑜

Founder, Sprout Language Centre (Singapore)

Duelling Illustrators (in Mandarin)

Liang Huiyu is the Founder of the Sprout Language Centre. She was a former secondary school teacher and has spoken at several book events. She actively promotes the reading of Chinese books in local schools and among young families.


Lim Cheng Tju

Editor, International Journal of Comic Art (Singapore)

Tackling Controversial Topics in Children’s ComicsCurrent Trends in Singapore Comics

Lim Cheng Tju, or CT Lim, is the country editor (Singapore) of the International Journal of Comic Art. He co-edited Liquid City Vol 2 (Image Comics, 2010) and co-founded the 24-Hour Comics Day in Singapore.

Lim Seok Lai 林惜莱

Lecturer, Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group at the National Institute of Education (Singapore)

Getting Your Child Ready for a Bilingual Future

Lim Seok Lai received her Diploma in Education, her Bachelor of Arts (Hon) and Master of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature from Nanyang Technological University. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. Her main teaching and research interests include materials development in language teaching, and the teaching of Chinese as a second/international language. She is the recipient of the NIE Excellence in Teaching Award and the Nanyang Awards for Excellence in Teaching in 2009.  

Lim Sieu Pin

Librarian, National Library Board (Singapore)

Making Math and Reading Fun for Children

Lim Sieu Pin is a Children’s Librarian with the Public Library Services at the National Library Board. For the past 11 years, he has been involved in many library programmes and workshops that promote reading and information literacy. He enjoys conducting reading-related activities for parents and children in both intimate and stage settings. Currently, he is involved in developing new library services for children.

Linda Tan Lingard

Literary Agent, Publisher (Malaysia)

Linda Tan Lingard is the managing partner of the Yusof Gajah Lingard Literary Agency in Malaysia. The agency represents local writers and illustrators as well as foreign publishers. She has over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry and has worked around the region. She is a Frankfurt Fellow and a member of the Asian Publishers Fellowship, Korea.

Mahaya Mohd Yassin

Writer, Lecturer (Malaysia)

Pantun Workshop: Writing the Malay pantun with illustrations

Mahaya Mohd Yassin was awarded outstanding lecturer and writer, Munsyi Dewan. She is the Head (1) of the Negeri Sembilan Writer's Association (PEN), guest author of the state FM "Sari Bahasa" and poetry reviewer of Dewan Siswa. She lectures on language, literature, school literature component (KOMSAS), creative writing and proper usage of language. Her creative works include picture books, poetry, short stories, anthologies for children, novels, biographies, language and literature guides, essays, song lyrics and translations. She has lectured in Singapore and Brunei. 

Maisarah A.S

Municipal Liaison, NaNoWriMo (Singapore Chapter) (Singapore)

Unleash Your Potential with Online Platforms

Maisarah A.S is one of the municipal liaisons for NaNoWriMo in Singapore. She can be found blogging at www.seriouslysarah.com and has been published in a few SFF anthologies. She was the co-editor for The Steampowered Globe, the first steampunk anthology published in Singapore.

Marco Sparmberg

Founder/organizer, StoryCode Singapore (Singapore)

Speed Pitching (Media)Mock Pitch Session (Media)[Keynote] Immersive Storytelling for Effective Visual Impact

Marco Sparmberg has worked on numerous new media pioneer projects in China, Hong Kong, Germany and the UK during the past 12 years. He is one of the leading transmedia evangelists in Asia. In 2014, he joined Singapore’s MediaCorp where he serves as Social Media Lead, accelerating the company’s digital transformation.

Mark Wilkinson

Lecturer, English Language & Literature, National Institute of Education (Singapore)

Hearing from the DadsBook Extension and Bilingual Activities

Mark Wilkinson is a lecturer at the National Institute of Education at Nanyang Technological University. He teaches courses in professional communication skills, English language, English phonology, and children’s literature courses. His research interests include CALL, EAP/EFL, digital literacy, communication skills, and project-based learning.

Maya Thiagarajan

Teacher, Author (Singapore)

Reading Magic: How to Nurture a Love of Reading in Our Children

A high school English teacher, Maya Thiagarajan taught in the US for over a decade and currently teaches at The United World College in Singapore. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Middlebury College and a Masters in Education from Harvard University. Maya is also the author of "Beyond the Tiger Mom: East-West Parenting for the Global Age," a book on how to blend the best of American and Asian approaches to education and parenting.

Mei Zihan 梅子涵

Author (China)

Stories Build Children’s Imagination and Character图画书里的哲学 The Philosophy in Picture Books

Mei Zihan is a Professor at the Shanghai Normal University, and a committee member of China Writers’ Association. He began writing in the 1970s and has since published many stories including Daughter’s Story and Dai Xiaoqiao and His Brothers. Passionate about children’s literature, Mei Zihan has also written a book on the theories in children’s literary works, titled Theories on Narrative in Children’s Story Writing.


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Michael Heyman

Professor of Nonsense, Berklee College of Music (USA)

What if Children’s Books Make No Sense?Making Sense out of Nonsense Literature for Young People

Michael Heyman is a Professor at the Berklee College of Music, and a scholar and writer of literary nonsense and children’s literature. He is the editor of The Tenth Rasa: An Anthology of Indian Nonsense. His writing for children can be found in The Puffin Book of Bedtime Stories, The Moustache Maharishi, and This Book Makes No Sense.

Michael Jude Tumamac (Xi Zuq)

Writer, Teacher (Philippines)

Tribal Works in the Region: The Growing Interest in Folklore and Myth Interest

Michael Jude C. Tumamac is a reader, writer, and teacher from General Santos City in Mindanao, Philippines. He is a member of Kuwentista ng mga Tsikiting, a group of Filipino writers for children, and Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika, at Anyo, a group of poets in the Filipino language.

Mukhlis Abu Bakar

Associate Professor (Singapore)

Nurturing Children’s Interest in Reading using Dual Language Storybooks

Dr Mukhlis Abu Bakar is Associate Professor at the Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Singapore, where he teaches Malay grammar, critical literacy, and sociocultural contexts of literacy. His research is in language and literacy learning in the home, school, and in faith settings, with a strong focus on early bilingualism.

Myka Aaviela Bacsal

Student (Singapore)

Fun with Words: Children’s Reading Choices

Myka Aaviela Bacsal is a spunky 13 year old book nerd who loves to sing, play basketball, watch movies, and read books in her free time. She is a huge Goosebumps freak and enjoys reading graphic novels. She is also a Year One Music Student at Singapore School of the Arts.

Myra Garces-Bacsal

Educator, Reviewer, Blogger (Singapore)

Asia: Land of Perennial StoriesForest of Stories: Annotated Bibliography of Tree-themed Picture BooksFun with Words: Children’s Reading Choices[Lunchtime Talk] Celebrating Diversity in Children’s Literature

Dr Myra Garces-Bacsal is an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Education at Nanyang Technological University. She is the Programme Leader of the Master's and Bachelor’s Programme in High Ability Studies and Gifted Education. Dr Myra is also the founder of GatheringBooks.org, where she shares her passion for reading, children’s literature, poetry, and MG/YA fiction.


N. Nirmala

Librarian, National Library Board (Singapore)

Book Talk and National Story Challenge Roadshow (in Tamil)

N. Nirmala holds a Master of Science in Information Studies, and is a Librarian at the National Library Board. She has organised several reading programmes for children, teens, adults, seniors, parents and educators in the library, organisations, and schools. N. Nirmala is also the facilitator of the Vaasagar Vattam (Tamil Reading Club) since 2006, and is known for her various outreach efforts to promote reading. She received the Excellence in Service Awards (Silver) (EXSA) in 2013 and Gold in 2014 for delivering quality services, and has also won NLB’s Staff of the Quarter award a few times.

Naomi Kojima

Author, Illustrator (Japan)

The Hybrid Author – Author and IllustratorFirst Look – Illustration CritiqueWhat Defines Asian Illustrations?

Naomi Kojima is an author and illustrator of children’s books. Born in Japan, Naomi spent her childhood years in the US. Her first picture books were published in New York, and now, also in Japan, France, and Sweden. Naomi lives in Tokyo.

Nicole Yeo

Associate Librarian, National Library Board (Singapore)

Celebrating Singapore Children’s Literature

Nicole is an Associate Librarian with the National Library Board (NLB). She has curated exhibitions that highlight the Asian Children’s Literature Collection housed at Woodlands Regional Library. She is also the co-writer of the forthcoming Stories from Asia, an NLB publication that showcases the Asian Children’s Literature Collection, and aims to cultivate interest in the reading and appreciation of Asian culture and heritage.

Nithya Rajamohan

Teachers Congress Programme Committee Member (Singapore)

[Lunchtime Talk] Celebrating Diversity in Children’s Literature

Nithya Rajamohan is from the early childhood field, currently working on curriculum development. She recently graduated from Harvard University with a Master of Education. Her areas of specialisation include early literacy and literacy instruction. She most recently presented at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Student Research Conference 2014, having developed a vocabulary evaluation rubric for preschool literacy programmes.

Nury Vittachi

Author (Hong Kong)

Authors Debate: Asian Readers Deserve Better than Translations of Western Works

Nury Vittachi is the founder of the Asia Literary Review and the author of more than 30 books, many of which are for children. His works have been published on five continents.


Patrick Yee 余广达

Author, Illustrator (Singapore)

Duelling Illustrators (in Mandarin)How to Illustrate your Picture Book with Different Mediums and Techniques

Patrick Yee is an award-winning illustrator of more than 100 children’s books. His titles include Little Buddy, Winter Rabbit and the Rosie Rabbit series. Patrick is also the illustrator behind Epigram Books’ successful Bo Bo and Cha Cha picture book series. His latest works are the bestsellers Harry Grows Up: The Early Years of Lee Kuan Yew, and A Boy Named Harry: The Childhood Of Lee Kuan Yew.

Paula Craigie

Head of Infants, Tanglin Trust School (Singapore)

The Importance of Speaking and Listening in Developing Literacy

Paula Craigie is the Head of Infants at Tanglin Trust School, an eight form entry British international school entering its 90th anniversary year in Singapore. She has worked in education for almost 20 years and has extensive experience in developing and leading curriculum change and school management. She is a school inspector for Ofsted in the UK and holds a Masters of Arts in Education from the Institute of Education, London.

Pearl Mascarenhas

Programme Leader, New Zealand Tertiary College (New Zealand)

Learning through Questioning and Creative Problem Solving

Pearl is currently the Programme Leader of the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) at the New Zealand Tertiary College, New Zealand. She previously worked as an Early Childhood Lecturer and PYP teacher in Mumbai, India. Her research interests include children's literature, creative thinking and teaching strategies to support children and adult learners, among many others.

Qin Wenjun 秦文君

Author (China)

Book Talk 作者汇谈: 《狮心绘意——中新儿童文学原创作品》中国儿童文学在世界儿童文学阵容中的独特气质 What Makes Chinese Children’s Literature Stand Out?

Qin Wenjun is a children’s literature author from Shanghai. After she graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature in East China Normal University, she worked as Chief Editor and Deputy Copy Editor of Shanghai’s issue of Selected Children’s Literature. She is a committee member of the China Writers’ Association, a Vice-President of Shanghai Writers’ Association, and a committee member of the Shanghai Literature Association. She is well-known for her works Nan Sheng Jia Li and Nü Sheng Jia Mei. She was also nominated for the Hans Christian Anderson Award.


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R Karthik

READ! Singapore Associate, National Library Board (Singapore)

Book Talk and National Story Challenge Roadshow (in English)

R Karthik joined the National Library Board in 2014 as a READ! Singapore Associate. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of International Relations at University of Queensland, and is presently pursuing his Masters of Science in International Relations. He was a part of the mainstream and new media industry in Australia and Singapore for more than two years, and has conducted story presentation workshops for parents, educators and children in Singapore and in Sri Lanka. R Karthik also actively curates creative projects to encourage Singaporeans to read for leisure.

R.G. Thiruselvi

Associate, National Library Board (Singapore)

Bilingualism at Home

R.G. Thiruselvi is an ex-radio personality with over 10 years of experience in producing and presenting Tamil programmes on air with Oli 96.8FM. She is also involved in community events that promote reading, writing and speaking in Tamil. She is currently with the National Library Board.

Raneetha Rajaratnam

Assistant Director, National Library Board (Singapore)

Celebrating Singapore Children’s Literature

Raneetha is an Assistant Director with the National Library Board (NLB) and leads the overall strategic directions, content development and implementation of nationwide reading initiatives targeted at children and teenagers. This encompasses the Early Read programme targeted at pre-school children from 0 to 6 years old alongside their parents and educators, and the Read@School programme that encourages students from 7 to 17 years old to pursue reading as a pleasurable activity. She loves to read and share her passion for books with children and teenagers to hook them into reading and grow readers for life.

Raymond Ang

Social Work Coordinator (Singapore)

Don’t Leave the Boys Behind: Motivating Boys to Read

Raymond Ang is a social work coordinator in the social services sector. He is also a part-time psychology student at James Cook University Singapore. In his free time, Raymond reads widely and works on research projects.

Raymond Tan

Managing Director, Brainchild Pictures (Singapore)

[Keynote] The Urgency of Telling Asian and Local StoriesSpeed Pitching (Media)

An engineering graduate, Raymond’s fascination in art ultimately propelled him to accomplish Wa Is For Wayang, a short film set in the multi-cultural Singapore society. Subsequently, the Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism supported the film’s adaptation into a children’s book Little Wayang Kid. Raymond further stretched his artistic vision and the story into Wayang Boy, his first directorial feature film.

Reenita Malhotra Hora

Author, Broadcast Journalist, Ayurveda Clinician (India)

Writing YA Across CulturesTribal Works in the Region: The Growing Interest in Folklore and Myth Interest

Reenita Malhotra Hora produces RTHK Radio 3's Money for Nothing finance programme and also hosts her own award-winning story-telling show, Asian Threads. She has written books on Ayurveda, and also penned young adult novels like Operation Mom and The Chronicles of Arya. Her latest book is the non-fiction title, Money-Smart: An Indian Woman’s Guide to Building Wealth. She is a regular features writer for the South China Morning Post and a Special Advisor to the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

Rilla Melati

Director, Mini Monsters (Singapore)

Bilingualism at Home

Rilla Melati builds creative content for the classroom and television. She is an educator, author, entrepreneur and entertainer, and a pioneer of Malay speech & drama programmes in schools in Singapore. She has anchored many weekly live shows including the highly successful Rudy & Rilla, whose viewership peaked in the third season, making it one of the most watched infotainment TV programmes on Suria. Rilla is currently the Director of Mini Monsters, an educational company she co-founded with Asia’s entertainment icon and long-time friend Najip Ali.

Rosemarie Somaiah

Storyteller (Singapore)

‘The Never Mind Girl’ – Bilingual storytelling in Korean & English‘The Wolf Khan from the DMZ’ - Bilingual storytelling in Korean & EnglishThe Never Mind Girl Meets the Wolf Khan from the DMZ

Rosemarie Somaiah runs the Asian Storytelling Network and enjoys working with story in all its forms. Her books for children include The Never Mind Girl and Other Stories by Ethos Books and Indian Children’s Favourite Stories by Tuttle Publishing. Her work has been translated into Malay, Tamil, Mandarin and Korean.

Rosemary Johnston

Professor of Education and Culture, University of Technology, Sydney (Australia)

Maximising the Potential of Illustrations in Picture Books to Aid Literacy[Keynote] The Significance of Children’s Books in Language and Literacy Education

Rosemary Johnston, Professor of Education and Culture, has held several management positions at the University of Technology, Sydney, and is Director of the International Research Centre for Youth Futures. She has served on the executive of national and international boards, including the Fédération Internationale des Langues et Littératures Modernes; the International Research Society for Children's Literature; and the Australasian Association for Children’s Literature and Research. She holds several large research grants and is widely published in the fields of literacy and children’s literature.

Saad Chinoy

Chief Geek, Tusitala (RLS) Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Digital Storytelling: How Big is the Page?Storytelling from an AppSpeed Pitching (Media)

Saad Chinoy is a professional geek with a passion for technology and OpenSource philosophy, Saad conceptualizes tech solutions. Charged with Technology for Tusitala, he’s been developing a digital publishing platform that leverages mobile devices to create unique user experiences.

Sally Murphy

Author (Australia)

Your Opinion Counts: Reviewing Children’s BooksReviewing Books and Movies: How are they Different?We Can’t Do Without Children’s Poetry and Verse NovelsHandling Traumatic Topics in Children’s Books

Sally Murphy has always loved telling stories and talking. When she’s not a taxi driver for teenagers, she’s a full-time writer, speaker and Ph.D. candidate. Sally’s titles – over 37 and counting – include Roses Are Blue, Pearl Verses the World, Toppling and Head Hog. Her writing has won numerous awards including the Queensland and WA Premier’s Literary Awards, and two shortlists in the CBCA Children’s Book of the Year Awards.

Sandra Williams

Senior Lecturer in Education (Primary English), University of Brighton (England)

Reading Singapore Children’s Books at Home: What it Means to your KidsReading Singapore Children’s Books in Schools: What it Means to Pupils

Dr Sandra Williams was an English and Drama teacher before moving into Higher Education, lecturing both in the UK and abroad. Her area of research is children’s literature. Before taking up her current post, she was a Senior Fellow in the ELL group at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. During that time, she put together an initial annotated bibliography of Singapore children’s literature published by NBDCS in 2004.

Sarah Mounsey

Author (Singapore)

School Visits: The Singapore and International ExperienceThe Nuts and Bolts of Self-Publishing: The Good, the Bad and the Fabulous

Sarah Mounsey grew up in Australia and now lives in Singapore. She is a teacher, writer and publisher and is utterly obsessed with children’s books. Sarah has published three picture books in the Paw Prints series and they have been awarded a medal in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

Sarah Odedina

Publisher (England)

Transmedia Publishing and Publishing in the Digital WorldAuthors Debate: Asian Readers Deserve Better than Translations of Western WorksFirst Pages – Writing Critique

Sarah began her publishing career selling translation rights and moved in to editorial as the Publishing Director of the children’s list of Bloomsbury Publishing where she worked for 14 years and oversaw the publication of the Harry Potter series as well as publisher for many other best-selling prize-winning novels and picture books.  In 2011 Sarah founded the successful and award-winning Hot Key Books.  Sarah is now Editor-at-Large for Pushkin Press commissioning titles for the children's and YA list. She is the founder of The Read Quarterly, a magazine for adults about children’s literature from around the world as well as the curator of the children's section of FlipSide Literary Festival in Suffolk, England.


Sarah Ow

Student (Singapore)

Fun with Words: Children’s Reading Choices

11-year-old Sarah Ow loves to read and play sports like gymnastics and badminton. Her favourite authors are Helen Dunmore, Simon Spotlight and Carole Wilkinson. Her all-time favourite book is Ingo by Helen Dunmore.

Seetha Subbiah

Clinical Psychologist, Author (Singapore)

Did You Hear That?

Dr. Seetha Subbiah is a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in severe and chronic emotional and psychological conditions in children and adolescents. Her book, Did You Hear That? Help for Children Who Hear Voices, was developed based on her 18 years of clinical experience in schools, hospitals, and private practices in Singapore, USA, India, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Japan.

Shirin Yim Bridges

Head Goose – Author, Editor, Publisher, Goosebottom Books, Gosling Press (USA)

Storytelling from an AppThe Hybrid Author – Author and PublisherAuthors Debate: Asian Readers Deserve Better than Translations of Western WorksFirst Pages – Writing CritiqueGetting Published In the U.S.

Shirin Yim Bridges’s first book, Ruby’s Wish, won the Ezra Jack Keats Award; The Umbrella Queen made TIME magazine’s Top 10 list for 2008. Shirin is also the publisher of Real Princesses, an IPPY medalist; Dastardly Dames, a Booklist Top 10 Nonfiction Series; and Horrible Hauntings, an IRA Children’s Choices winner.

Shirley Tan

Educator (Singapore)

[Lunchtime Talk] Panel of Principals: Experiences that Support Children as Literacy Learners

Shirley Tan is a passionate visionary, innovative trailblazer and transformational educator with 11 years of experience implementing effective programmes and inspiring change in early childhood education. She dedicated to using heart work and head work to develop sustainable curriculum while inspiring educators and children alike for love of lifelong learning. She has presented in conferences, provided consultancy services and conducted training workshops.

Shu Wei 舒伟

Professor (China)

世界儿童文学发展的新视野 New Perspectives towards the Development of World Children’s Literature

Shu Wei is a committee member of various organisations like the National Social Science Foundation in China and the Scientific Literature in China Science Writers’ Association. He is also on the Translation Committee for the Global Children’s Literature Collection, and a committee member of translation in the English Literature Association in Tianjin City. Shu Wei gives lectures about the Studies of European Fairy Tales, Comparative Fairy Tales and Studies of English World Literature in universities.


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Stanley Han

CEO and Co-Founder, KooBits (Singapore)

Fostering a Love for Learning through GamesMaking Math and Reading Fun for Children

Stanley Han co-founded Personal e-Motion (PEM) in 2003 and created KooBits in 2007, a technology spin-off from the National University of Singapore. KooBits has received a 5-star review from global technology review site CNET in 2011, and also won the Infocomm Singapore Award and the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award in 2008. KooBits products are used by more than 250,000 fans worldwide, as well as more than 300 schools in Singapore and Middle East.


Steve Heron

Author (Australia)

Real Issues Explored in BooksHandling Traumatic Topics in Children’s Books

Steve is a BUZologist, passionate about powering hope in children especially through children’s literature. He is described as an ‘affirmative vandal’ because of his positive approach to making the world a better place for children. Author of BUZOLOGY – Powering Hope in Children, Bully Proofing, as well as children’s picture books, Steve is also the founder of Nurture Works, and a 2015 Australian of the Year Local Hero Western Australia Finalist.

Su Zhangkai 苏章恺

Founder, Sprout Language Centre (Singapore)

乐学华文- 为故事插上想象的翅膀 Chinese is Fun!Making Reading Fun!

Su Zhangkai is the Founder of Sprout Language Centre. He is a former secondary school teacher who was conferred the Fellow of Academy of Singapore Teachers in recognition of his outstanding contribution towards professional development in 2013.


Suzanne Kamata

Author, Lecturer, University of Tokushima (Japan)

Writing YA Across Cultures

American Suzanne Kamata has lived in Japan for the past 26 years. Her novel Gadget Girl was named the APALA Honor Book for YA last year, and was designated a book of Outstanding Merit by Bank Street College. She is a lecturer at the University of Tokushima.

Tan Chee Lay 陈志锐

Deputy Executive Director, Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, NTU (Singapore)

Book Talk 作者汇谈: 《狮心绘意——中新儿童文学原创作品》Book Extension and Bilingual Activities

Dr Tan Chee Lay is an Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, and is the Deputy Executive Director of the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language. He has a Ph.D. in Oriental Studies from Cambridge University. An award-winning writer, he has published over 20 creative writing and scholarly books.

Tang Sulan 汤素兰

Author and Committee Member, Chinese Writers’ Association (China)

Stories Build Children’s Imagination and Character以优质内容和身临其境技术转变儿童阅读体验Transforming Children’s Reading Experience with Content & Immersive Technologies和新加坡的小朋友分享笨狼精神 Sharing the “Silly Wolf” with Children in Singapore

Tang Sulan is a writer and editor, and a Professor from Hunan Normal University. She is a member of the Chinese Writers Association, and Vice Chairman of the Association of Hunan Province. Sulan has written over 40 children’s books and won several awards including the National Children’s Literature Award, Song Qingling Children’s Literature Award and Chen Bocui Prize for Children’s Literature. Her popular titles include Stories of the Foolish Wolf, The Pretty Witch and Miracle Garden.


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Tania McCartney

Author (Australia)

Unleash Your Potential with Online PlatformsThe Boundless Creativity of Multimedia Picture BooksThe Hybrid Author – Author and Illustrator

Tania McCartney is an award-winning Australian author for both kids and adults. The founder of Kids’ Book Review and the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, she is an experienced book and magazine editor, publisher, illustrator and speaker. Tania has lived in Paris, London and Beijing, and currently lives in Canberra with her family—and a mountain of books. 


Tay-Audouard Lak-Khee

Illustrator (Singapore)

What Defines Asian Illustrations?

Born in pre-independent Singapore, Lak-Khee had the privilege of growing up in a multi-cultural village-like environment. She has lived in different countries with husband Denis and their two children over the years. Illustrator of 5 children’s books, Lak-Khee now works at the international French School in Singapore.

Teng Qian Xi 邓倩兮

Writer, Translator and Educator (Singapore)

Chinese-English Translations of Children’s Books

Teng Qian Xi’s translations have appeared in Some Kind of Beautiful Signal: Two Lines World Writing in Translation Vol. 17 (2010) and Asymptote (2011). Her poetry has appeared in several anthologies and journals, including Over There: Poems from Singapore and Australia (2007), Language for a New Century (2008), and other anthologies and journals. Her poetry collection, They hear salt crystallising (2010) was shortlisted for the English Language category of the Singapore Literature Prize in 2012. 

Tina Narang

Publisher, Scholastic India (India)

Speed Pitching (Writing)Indigenous Writing and Illustrations as a Key to Understanding Culture and TraditionThe Bright Future of Children’s Books in AsiaShould Publishers Blindly Follow Trends?

Tina Narang is the publisher at Scholastic India, a publishing house that publishes books across genres for children and young adults. As an editor and publisher, she has had the opportunity of working with Indian and international authors and illustrators.

Titus Yong

Director, Ingenio (Singapore)

Dream Bearers: Inspiring Children to Achieve

Titus is the founder of Ingenio, a human development organisation that specialises in fostering creative thinking and innovation. He has travelled to over ten countries to train and share ideas with managers and teachers. He is a recipient of the Indira Excellence in Innovation Award and is a graduate of Harvard University.

Trina Ha

Faculty, Legal Counsel, IP Academy (Singapore)

Intellectual Property for Multimedia Works

Trina specialises in the protection, management and exploitation of intellectual property rights, particularly for media, entertainment and the arts. She co-authored the Media Law volume in the Singapore Precedents and Forms series. As a legal practitioner, she was named annually from 2007 – 2013 in the IP and TMT industries in Asia-Pacific by the prestigious Legal 500 publication. 

Vinitha Ramchandani

Author (India)

School Visit with Vinitha RamchandaniGraphic Novels: After Tintin what?Tackling Controversial Topics in Children’s Comics

Published author of 20 fiction books, Vinitha Ramchandani has taken her book Vriksha to a numbers of cities in India as well as abroad, talking to children about trees and making them relook nature through stories. RobinAge, an award-winning weekly newspaper for kids, listed her book, Sethu Learns to Smile, as one of the 13 must-read books a child must read before turning 13. She is the editor of a book-publishing firm in India and is currently working on an adventure graphic novel series for children.

Viviana Quiñones

National Centre for Children’s Literature (Bibliothèque nationale de France) (France)

Selecting Books and Media for Readers in LibrariesBooks, Reading and Library Projects in African CommunitiesEmerging Content Creators: From Guardians to Creators – Librarians Creating Children’s Content

Viviana Quiñones has worked at the French Center for Children’s literature since 1985, cooperating with African librarians and publishers, editing the journal Takam Tikou, and training librarians. She has edited a best-selling manual for children’s librarians. She has also been the Chair of IFLA Section Libraries for Children and Young Adults since 2011.

Wang Quangen 王泉根

Professor, Chinese Language and Literature School at the Beijing Normal University
and Director, Center of Chinese Children’s Literature Studies (China)

亚洲儿童文学的融合与嬗变 Integration and Development in Children’s Literature in Asia

Wang Quangen has done extensive research of Chinese Modern Literature and Children’s Literature. He has written more than 10 books and won numerous awards. Professor Wang independently has undertaken two National Social Sciences Research Projects, three National Research Projects in Humanities and Social Sciences from Ministry of Education, a “Fifteen Program” research from Beijing Philosophical and Social Science Center. 


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Wang Yimei 王一梅

Author (China)

Stories Build Children’s Imagination and Character以优质内容和身临其境技术转变儿童阅读体验Transforming Children’s Reading Experience with Content & Immersive Technologies中西方童话创作中的文化差异 Cultural Differences between Chinese and Western Stories


Wang Yimei has won numerous children’s literature awards. She has written over 300 short stories, and published children’s books like Mole’s Moon River, The Cat that Lives on Rainy Street, Dinosaur’s Treasures, and Muddled Pig. Yimei has also written more than 20 collections of children’s short stories including The Twelfth Orange Oakleaf and Ant in the Book.

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Wendy Binks

Author, Illustrator (Australia)

Making the Most of Your Published BookThe Hybrid Author – Author and IllustratorPromoting Fun and Learning with Animals in Children’s Literature

Wendy Binks has drawn and painted all her life, and has two galleries in Fremantle, Western Australia. Her work features brightly coloured, quirky Australian animals, especially emus. Wendy has created three books so far about Stripey the emu chick, which she wrote, illustrated and independently published. Where’s Stripey? won the Western Australia Premier’s Literary Award in 2005 and has sold over 120,000 copies. Wendy also created a commercial picture book with the school children of Lord Howe Island, and also recently illustrated two books for Scholastic Australia.

Wendy Wong

Creative Director, Tusitala (RLS) (Singapore)

Digital Storytelling: How Big is the Page?

More than 12 years in the print and digital media design industry have not dulled Wendy Wong's passion for design. As Tusitala’s Creative Director, she focuses on digital publishing projects, User Interfaces and User Experiences. When she’s not seeking comfort from food, the mom of two girls enjoys being with books and nature.

Wu Shuangying 吴双英

Deputy Director, Hunan Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House (China)

中国少儿出版的新走向 New Trends in Children’s Publications in China

Wu Shuangying is a children’s book critic and has been written academic articles on children’s book theories. She is also the author of Field Mouse Sells Flower. She is the winner of Outstanding Junior Editor in Hunan Province, Annual Children’s Book Editing Award, Great Editor in China Award, and National Women Award in Hunan Province. Her edited works have also won several awards including the China Publication Award, Outstanding Publication Award, National Children’s Literature Award, and the Bing Xin Children’s Book Award. 



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Yang Qinli

Librarian, National Library Board (Singapore)

Book Talk and National Story Challenge Roadshow (in Mandarin)

Yang Qinli joined the National Library Board in 2008. He is a librarian based at Jurong West Public Library, and holds a Masters in Information Studies. Qinli plays a major role in the Chinese Library Services, and is part of the language team that plans the National Library Board’s language festivals. He is involved in the collection development of the Chinese collection across the public libraries, and is also a regular spokesperson on talk-shows on local radio stations like 97.2FM and 95.8FM, in which he actively promotes reading.

Ying Chang Compestine

Author (USA)

Bilingualism at HomeReal Issues Explored in BooksFirst Pages – Writing CritiqueWorking with Literary Agents to Have Your Books Published[Keynote] Children’s Books by the Asian Diaspora and their Relevance to Asian ChildrenPicture Books and Activities for After Reading

Ying Chang Compestine is the versatile and prolific author of 20 books including five cookbooks. Named one of “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” by the Author’s Show, Ying has contributed to Cooking Light, EatingWell, Men's Health, and many other prestigious national publications. Ying’s keen interest in cuisine has led to her weaving food into all of her writing – cookbooks, novels, and picture books for young readers. Her highly acclaimed novel about her life growing up in China during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party, has received over 33 national awards. It was also selected for the One Book/One County reading program in Santa Clara California.

Yow Wei Quin

Assistant Professor, Singapore University of Technology & Design (Singapore)

Code-switching and Language Development: Exploring Bi-literacy in Books

Dr Yow Wei Quin, an Assistant Professor with the Singapore University of Technology and Design, graduated with a Ph.D. (Psychology) from Stanford University. She has many years of research experience on the topics of childhood bilingualism and cognition. She has published in numerous international peer-refereed journals and given talks at local/international conferences.

Yuko Takesako

Vice Director, Chihiro Art Museum Azumino (Japan)

Books for Peace

The Vice Director of the Chihiro Art Museum (Azumino), Yuko Takesako is also the Secretary General and member of the board of directors of Chihiro Iwasaki Memorial Foundation. She has introduced and promoted the life and works of Chihiro Iwasaki as well as supported the picture book culture in Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Europe, the USA and other countries. She is the author of 100 Picture Books for Children and Parents Selected by the Chihiro Art Museum (co-author), Shigeru Hatsuyama, and Chihiro’s Showa.

Zamri Mohamad

Author (Malaysia)

Marketing Picture Books for Children

Zamri's first ventured into the writing business when he was 17 years old and is still active, having written 24 books and e-books of various genres including children picture books. 


Zhao Bingbo 赵冰波

Deputy Director, Hangzhou Writers’ Association (China)

Book Talk 作者汇谈: 《狮心绘意——中新儿童文学原创作品》以优质内容和身临其境技术转变儿童阅读体验Transforming Children’s Reading Experience with Content & Immersive Technologies从“阿笨猫”到“狼蝙蝠”
 From “The Silly Cat” to “Wolf-Bat”

Zhao Bingbo is a prominent author working at the Zhejiang College of Liberal Arts. He is the Vice-President of the Hangzhou Writers Association. His works include The Bark Hut Under the Window and The Adventures of the Strange Snail. He has published more than 180 children’s books, over 2000 pieces of individual works, and over 230 episodes of cartoon scripts. He has won over 50 children’s literature awards including the National Outstanding Prize for Children’s Literature, Five-One Project Award, the National Book Award and the Bing Xin Children’s Book Award.

赵冰波,杭州人。现供职于浙江文学院。国家一级作家。杭州作家协 会副主席。主要作品有:童话集《窗下的树皮小屋》《毒蜘蛛 之死》《冰波童话》《爱的故事》《蛤蟆小姐减肥》,中篇童话 《怪蜗牛奇遇记》《长颈鹿拉拉》《红蜻蜓,红蜻蜓》,长篇 童话《怪蛋之谜》《狼蝙蝠》等。出版童话180余本,2000余 单篇,动画片剧本230余集。有多篇作品被选入内地及中国香 港的小学语文和幼儿教材,多本图书被新闻出版总署、教育 部列入推荐书目。曾获全国优秀儿童文学奖(3次)、精神文 明建设“五个一工程”奖(3次)、国家图书奖(2次)、宋庆龄 儿童文学奖(1次)、冰心儿童文学新作奖(多次)等,计五十 余项。

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Zhao Wuping 赵武平

Vice President, Shanghai Translation Publishing House (China)

翻译:中国和世界儿童文学的市场沟通 Translations: Facilitating Children’s Literature Markets in China and the WorldSpeed Pitching (Writing)

Zhao Wuping joined the Shanghai Century Publishing Group in 2001, and brought in the literary works of many esteemed authors including T.S. Eliot, Christopher Isherwood, Jorge Luis Borges, just to name a few. He has also published well-known non-fiction like the memoirs of Henry Kissinger and The Future by Al Gore. He speaks frequently on the topic of international publishing at book fairs in Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. Wuping also won the fellowship from the Henry Luce Foundation, and participated in the Yale-China’s program of American Studies at Yale University in July 1999. Prior to his publishing career, he spent seven years as a book reporter in Beijing.


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Zubaidah Mohsen

Senior Librarian, National Library Board (Singapore)

Selecting Books and Media for Readers in Libraries

Zubaidah Mohsen’s career spans two decades focusing on different scopes of librarianship, managerial duties and project works. She was instrumental in the setting up of the Children’s Services in the Woodlands Regional Library and led the initial development of the Early READ programme. She looks into the professional development of Children’s Librarians by identifying suitable courses, as well as developing and conducting relevant courses. Zubaidah holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree in History, a Masters of Science Degree in Information Studies, and a Masters of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education.