The Writers & Illustrators Conference gathers writers and illustrators to come together with publishing industry professionals to share, network, and celebrate children’s content from Asia and around the world. 

The full programme details and schedule for the Writers & Illustrators Conference will be available by mid-June.

Some of the highlight sessions include:

First Look: Illustration Critique

A picture speaks a thousand words, and the panel will say a few. This panel of illustrators and publishing experts will comment on the illustrations of unpublished picture books as they look at them for the first time. 

First Pages

Ever wondered what an editor or publisher is thinking of as he or she reads a manuscript? Witness a panel of experts give live comments on the first pages of unpublished manuscripts. 

From Pitch to Book Launch: The Missing Barbegazi – Author and Editor Perspectives

Helle Norup, Sarah Odedina

Helle Norup's debut novel The Missing Barbegazi is a delicate tale weaving in themes of family, compassion and hope. From its speed pitch at AFCC 2016 to a full launch this year, join Sarah and Helle as they take you through the book's whirlwind editing process.

From Soups and Potions in Picturebooks to Fluid Picturebooks

Ilgim Veryeri Alaca

If stories are thirst-quenchers and words are the soul's chicken soup, could we think of picturebooks as things to drink? Ponder about these questions together with Ilgim Veryeri Alaca, as she invites you to the world of her research on books, soups and potions.

The History Hunter

Mark Greenwood

Join the history hunter on a dig for the truth! Intriguing settings and curious characters dot this adventure-driven session, leading you to the secrets captured in Mark Greenwood's latest book, The Happiness Box, set in Singapore during WWII. By balancing creative interpretation with historical authenticity, this presentation aims to help you uncover the magic in your own historical narratives.

How to Write Sizzling First Sentences

Pamela Rushby

From truths universally acknowledged, to all happy families, bright cold days in April, and to the best and worst of times, a powerful opening sentence decides half the battle for a reader's attention. In this session with Pamela, get started on your manuscript's sizzling first sentence and leave your readers hungry for more.

Illustration Through Assemblage: Exploration and Experimentation

Patricia Donald

Join Patricia as she shares her experimental and playful way of using mixed media to create a unique illustration style, while learning from her how you too can find your own 'voice' as an illustrator!

Pathways to Publication: From Primer to Pro, and the Methods to our Madness

Kristi Wientge, Don Bosco, Cynthea Liu

Selecting a publishing path can be a bewildering experience, even for the most experienced author. Fret not, for Don, Cynthea and Kristi have the insider information you need, from obscure facts to the plain insane, for you to make best publishing choices for your masterpiece!

Providing Opportunities & Exposure to New Emerging Authors and Illustrators of Children’s Picture Books

Peter Creamer

Peter Creamer is one of the joint partners of Little Pink Dog Books, an established publisher in the children's picture book world. Hear it from his perspective, as he shares more on scouting emerging authors and illustrators, as well as what it takes for them to gain exposure in a highly competitive circuit.

Living, Writing & Creating, S.I.E.W D.A.I Style!

Lee Seow Ser, Hidayah Amin, Tan Ai Khim

This panel offers a refreshing kopi siew dai brew, as the team shares meaningful insights and motivations behind their creative, literary and socially fulfilling work in Project To S.I.R (Socially Inclusive Reads) with Love. With two special book series published by Helang Books, explore Socially Inclusive, Educational Writing for Differently Abled Individuals, which stands for a “S.I.E.W D.A.I” style of living, writing and illustrating!

The Perfect Pitch

Pamela Rushby

This hands-on session teaches you how to pitch your book to a publisher, agent or editor. Succintly, effectively - and yes, even in an elevator! 

What’s your Favourite Colour? Illustrated Flash Fiction on Ilonggo Children with Colour Blindness 

Mary Rose Adelle G. Pacificar

Put on new lenses and enter the world of colour blindness! In this presentation, Mary offers you a glimpse into colour blind children of the Philippines' Ilonggo people. Her presentation discusses their ways of perceiving as well as their struggles, but most importantly celebrates their victories and contributions to child diversity.

Windows Into Worlds

Frané Lessac

As authors strive towards diverse and identifiable books for children, how should we balance cultural authenticity with creative interpretation? In this session, Frané shows that this balance is maintained through careful and extensive research, while introducing some of the techniques budding writers can adopt in research.

Writing a Page Turner for Tweenies

Felix Cheong

Aspiring writers of tweenie fiction often find it an uphill task to keep their readers' attention. Award-winning writer Felix Cheong will teach you strategies in building suspense and plot twists, so that your writing has that page-turning hook.


Writing Historical ‘Faction’

Pamela Rushby

Historical novels have long challenged the lines between fact and fiction and continue to do so. Introducing the art of fact-based fiction, Pamela's masterclass is for the budding writers with an inner history buff - pick up your pens and get ready to make history!

The full schedule and details to come in June.