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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
23–26 May 2024

The Book Illustrators Gallery (BIG) is a key feature of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content. It showcases the best picture book illustrations by illustrators and artists from Southeast Asia, those based in Asia and in the global Asian diaspora.

This year, the gallery is divided into two main sections: one, the Open Submissions gallery that features more than 270 illustrations by 62 illustrators from 16 countries; and two, a specially curated gallery that features close to 250 illustrations from AFCC Country of Focus.

The BIG exhibition will be available online, as well as a physical exhibition at the National Library Building.

Munsya Rahman
Open Submissions Gallery
Maria Cristina Sison
Country of Focus: The Philippines
BIG Illustrators Directory
BIG Illustrators Directory
BIG Curators
BIG Curators