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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
25–28 May 2023


Explore more about game-based learning in this workshop as you time-travel through ancient China, and try to make it out alive amidst the various political and court intrigues thrown your way in the board game, “Journey Through China’s Magnificent Dynasties”.  In this session, you will learn more about the use of board games as teaching tools, and experience how they can promote and contribute to the holistic development of children. 

This session is conducted in Mandarin. Suitable for educators and parents. 

Middle grade mother tongue

Tew Beng Siong

张明祥 (Tew Beng Siong) (Singapore)

张明祥,一位卓有成就的教育家和企业家、AcesCube教育服务公司联合创始人,拥有教育硕士学位(Learning Sciences and Technologies)。曾在小学任教长达十余年,目前专注于为教育部学校提供优质的客制化课程。他认为玩桌游可以培养个人的批判性思维以及促进家庭成员之间的亲密感情。

Tew Beng Siong is an accomplished educator and entrepreneur with a Master of Education in Learning Sciences and Technologies. He is the co-founder of AcesCube Education Services, a company that specialises in providing quality customised programs for MOE schools. Beng Siong is passionate about board games and believes that playing board games help develop critical thinking skills as well as strengthens familial bonds.

Programme dates and times are subject to change.