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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
25–28 May 2023

Join AJ Low and special guests for a retrospective on a decade of Sherlock Sam! They will share about their writing journey, behind-the-scenes information, and how they keep all their stories straight after 10 years (spoiler alert: they don't always!). Special guests include artist extraordinaire Andrew 'drewscape' Tan, illustrator on the Sherlock Sam series, award-winning translators 阿甲 (Ajia) and Chen Min, translators for the Simplified Chinese editions of Sherlock Sam, and Maya, a long-time fan of the series.



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A.J. Low

A.J. Low (Singapore)

A.J. Low is the husband-and-wife writing team of Adan Jimenez and Felicia Low-Jimenez. They write the best-selling Sherlock Sam series. Their books have been published in North America, Indonesia, Turkey, South Korea, Myanmar, China, the Middle East, and Taiwan. The series has been adapted into a musical and rights have been optioned for an animated series. Felicia is a comics publisher and Adan edits video games.


阿甲 (Ajia) (China)

阿甲,中国的童书作家、翻译家、阅读推广人,也是一位颇受欢迎的说故事人。作为独立研究者,他曾著有《图画书小史》、《帮助孩子爱上阅读:儿童阅读推广手册》等。他还译有多本童书参考书,如《亲爱的天才》(伦纳德·马库斯 编著)、《写给未来的艺术家》(艾瑞·卡尔 编著)等。

Ajia (阿甲) is a Chinese author and translator of children’s books, a promoter of reading, an enthusiastic storyteller and a 2022 Carle Honors Bridge Honoree. As an independent researcher, he has written several books including A Little History of Picture Books and Passion for Reading – A Handbook on Reading Promotion. Picture books authored by Ajia include Li Na: Be an Even Better You illustrated by Yu Rong and Drawing a horse illustrated by Dai Dunbang. He has also translated several reference books like Dear Genius by Leonard S. Marcus and more than 200 picture books from English to Chinese, such as the Peter Rabbit Series, Goodnight Moon, and Where the Wild Things Are. 

Chen Min

Chen Min (China)

Chen Min is a promoter of children's reading, a children's book translator, and a reading teacher loved by children. She actively participates in and organizes reading clubs and lectures, and is active in schools, kindergartens, libraries, and communities. She has translated many picture books, such as the fifth series of Miffy, Journey Cake, Ho!, Winter Dance, Seashore Book, and the children's novel series Sherlock Sam.


Drewscape (Singapore)

Drewscape (aka Andrew Tan) is a freelance illustrator and Eisner-nominated comic artist from Singapore. He's authored two graphic novels- Monsters, Miracles and Mayonnaise and The Ollie Comics: Diary of a first-time dad. He illustrates picture books such as Panjang: The Tall Boy Who Became Prime Minister and big books for Singapore's Ministry of Education. Over the years, he's teamed up with husband-and-wife writing team, A.J. Low, to illustrate the children's detective series, Sherlock Sam.


Maya Gavankar

Maya Gavankar (Singapore)

Maya is a 13 year old student from Singapore. and lists reading, basketball and soccer as her hobbies, in addition to playing the violin. Her favourite genres are Mystery and Sci-Fi. 

Meihan Boey

Moderator Meihan Boey (Singapore)

Meihan is the author of The Formidable Miss Cassidy (Epigram Books Fiction Prize co-winner 2021, Singapore Book Awards Best Literary Work 2022), its upcoming sequel The Enigmatic Madam Ingram (shortlisted for EBFP 2023), and The Messiah Virus (2019). She also just happens to be a character in the Sherlock Sam series!    

Programme dates and times are subject to change.