First Look is an opportunity for illustrators who are considering publishing a picture book to share their illustrations with a panel of experts. The panel will review the illustrations and comment on their works before an audience. Applicants will remain anonymous during the session. 

First Look is open to all AFCC festival pass holders. Submissions are required prior to the Festival.

Submitted images will be shown at the session via a Powerpoint slideshow, without mention of the applicant's name. The panelists will then give verbal critiques on the illustrations. 

Illustration submission guidelines

  1. Each applicant is allowed to submit only six (6) pieces of unpublished illustrations from either the same project or book. Each of the submitted illustrations should show one illustrated page or spread from a children's book project. 
  2. Illustrations submitted should be in jpeg format, resolution 72dpi, 1000 x 800 pixels. 
  3. Please indicate the name and book title of each illustration in the submission form. 

Submission Form