To officially launch the 2018 Asian Festival of Children's Content, join us for the opening session of AFCC where three speakers will offer their take on the theme of this year's festival, Imagine-Asia in a series of keynote addresses, followed by a panel discussion.   

Keynote Address 1: Reading for Emotional Engagement and Imagine-Nation
By Dr Myra Garces-Bacsal 

This is a challenge for parents, educators, librarians and book creators to go beyond 'reading for literacy'. Dr. Myra Garces-Bacsal reflects on children's books as potential agents of social change, as well as portals to (an) imagine-nation.

Keynote Address 2: Dim Sum Warriors: The Challenge of Asserting Heritage and Countering Stereotypes
By Colin Goh
Amidst today’s culture wars and identity politics, how do you assert your cultural heritage without stepping on the landmines of cultural appropriation, political correctness, stereotyping or whatever is the bugbear du jour? Dim Sum Warriors co-creator Colin Goh shares his experiences with his kung fu-fighting dumplings and offers tips on navigating today’s treacherous waters.

Keynote Address 3: Imagining Asia from Afar: Asia in the Mirror of European Children's Literature
By Lucia Obi 

The marginalisation of non-Western literatures has long been contested, but the current state of children's literatures from Asia still leaves more to be desired. Western aesthetic standards still dominate, disadvantaging Asian content. From market forces to lingering exoticism, Lucia Obi from the International Youth Library discusses changing our representations of Asia: from appropriated imaginations towards appropriate images. 


Images (from top to bottom): Myra Garces-Bacsal, Colin Goh, Lucia Obi