Are you looking for published stories (based on Asian themes) to adapt into stories for the screen and other media? 

At the Rights Exchange (RX), publishers and agents from across the Asia Pacific region come together for a unique opportunity to sell and/or exchange book rights and translation rights, negotiate co-publishing deals and other agreements.

Aimed at becoming the centre for international rights business, the RX provides a platform to content providers, such as publishers and literary agents, to engage in possible collaborative projects on translation, digital and print publishing and co-publishing, and other derivative works.

The RX is a structured session with pre-arranged appointments for the publishers and agents to connect and discuss their rights negotiations. Publishers need to be registered delegates to be able to participate at the RX. The platform creates a unique opportunity for publishers to meet each other one-on-one to tentatively finalise agreements and interests in the sale/transfer of rights.

Participants must have the rights to sell any of the following:

  • unpublished/published manuscripts;
  • translation projects;
  • license/rights for secondary publishers to reproduce the manuscript in print, microform or any digitally readable form, including but not limited to e-pub and electronic online databases; and, license/rights to reprint through third parties for manuscripts, translations and other derivative works based on a manuscript.

To register for a Rights Exchange, please complete the form and send it to Carlo at [email protected].

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Andrea Pasion-Flores
Literary Agent, Jacaranda Literary Agency (PHILIPPINES/SINGAPORE)
Looking for: Fiction titles, from mid-grade to YA. 



Odanata Publishing House
Publishing House (MALAYSIA)

Looking for: Picturebooks

Cynthea Liu

President, Starts With Us, Inc.
Executive Director, Bryan Johnson Foundation (USA)
Looking for: From picturebooks to young adults, especially titles that inspire and empower children to author their own lives. No specific age range or genre.

Wu Shuangying

Deputy Director, Hunan Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House (China)
Looking for: Children’s literature, children’s picture books, science books for children, and other fiction and non-fiction books for children. 


Adarna House

Publisher (Philippines)
Looking for: Picturebooks.

Colin South

Producer, Media World Pictures Pty Ltd (Australia)

Looking for: Titles suitable for television production specifically for 6 years+; also interested in live action multicultural properties. 


Print and Online Media (Singapore)

Looking for: Stories or series of books set in Asia: books that can sell in Asia and abroad. Also, looking for Islamic litterer/stories for kids (to be sold in Asia, Europe, USA and Middle East).