The Portfolio Review session, provides an opportunity for delegates to book a one-on-one consultation session with renowned illustrators and artists listed below from Asia and around the world. Don't miss this chance to get invaluable feedback from the Masters on your portfolio that would help to upgrade your skills and expertise towards a higher professional level!

Part of Writers & Illustrators Conference.

The submission deadline has been extended to 20 May 2016. 
Interested participants can contact Judi at [email protected]

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Illustrators & Their skills

Calef Brown (USA)

Acrylic paint, gouache, brush and ink, combining digital and traditional techniques, commercial illustration.

Chris Nixon (Australia)

Children's book illustration, acrylic and traditional media, digital illustrations, commercial illustration, design

David Liew (Singapore)

Children's illustration and writing, whimsical illustration for both chapter books and picture books, traditional and digital media.

Evi Shelvia (Malaysia)

Local children's picture book illustrations, whimsical illustrations, watercolour painting

Gabriel Evans (Australia)

Whimsical illustrations, children's book illustrations, painterly, traditional painting, watercolour painting, old-fashioned art

Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Australia)

Whimsical illustration, children’s book illustration, mixed media, mural arts, public art (composition on a larger scale) character development and pattern design.

Naomi Kojima (Japan)

Children’s book illustration and picture book illustration

Otto Fong (Singapore)

All things art – including comic books

Soefara Jafney (Singapore)

Children's picturebooks, comic and pinup, advertising work, lifestyle/brand