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An Early Start for an Early Lead

Date: 1 Jun 2014 (Sunday)
For: Parents and children, primary, preschool and kindergarten teachers, librarians
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Illustrated by Atanu Roy, India.

The AFCC Parents Forum offers parents, teachers, and other related professionals the opportunity to get support, information, and advice on nurturing early learning and bilingualism at home. For children accompanying their parents, separate activities will be available.

Illustrated by Atanu Roy, India.

9:15 - 10:00am
L16 The Pod
Magical Children: The Key to Story

Sally Gardner (Author)

Sally Gardner looks at how story is key: remaining true to the story and characters at all times. She talks about the setting up of character and the development of character through writing, with reference to the use of an ensemble cast that goes back to the the Commedia dell’arte, and how it's important to create stories without patronising children, by working to their strengths and brilliant imaginations.

L5 Possibility Room
Every Picture Tells a Story: Visual Literacy in Picture Books

James Mayhew (Illustrator)

Pictures: another way of telling a story, and an important way of helping children discover the magic of words! In this talk, James Mayhew explores illustration traditions and techniques, why generic "styles" of illustration lack emotional depth and how to use illustrated texts as a way to aid interpretation of the written word.

L5 Imagination Room
Finding Ourselves Lost

Deb Fitzpatrick (Author) Raewyn Caisley (Author)

Deb Fitzpatrick and Raewyn Caisley have found themselves in some remarkable places, from a cloud forest in Costa Rica to a highway in the middle of nowhere. For them it’s all about people and place. Come and hear how they found their stories... and perhaps themselves.

10:30 - 11:30am
L16 The Pod
Using Storytelling as a Strategy for Bonding and Developing Literacy

Roger Jenkins (Storyteller)

Roger demonstrates why you should tell (not just read) and how you can make your telling more visual, varied and vivid, and you will practice techniques to engage your child in order to develop their language, literacy and imaginative skills. A hands-on, highly participatory workshop with lots of stories you’ll want to tell your child.

L1 Visitors' Briefing Room
The Importance of Myths and Magic for Imagination and Creativity

Mahtab Narsimhan (Author)

Award–winning author Mahtab Narsimhan will take you through the process of how magic and myths, so integral to fantasy worlds, are essential to developing creativity and imagination in the minds of children.

12:00 - 1:00pm
L16 The Pod
The Teacher - Parent Relationship: Developing Your Child’s Literacy

Peggy McNamara (Chair, General Teacher Education Department, Bankstreet College of Education)

Parents are the first literacy teachers for their children. As children enter early childhood settings parents serve as a bridge to their children’s expanding literacy skills. This workshop will provide parents with practical strategies to support their children as they make use of literacy skills in their everyday experiences. 

L1 Visitors' Briefing Room
Nurturing Language and Literacy Through Music.

Christina Lai (Educator)

The talk on “Nurturing Language and Literacy through Musical Activities” is about empowering caregivers of young children with a developmental approach to acquiring language through musical experiences in a manner that is in harmony with their intellectual, physical, psychological and musical potentials. Participants will join the presenter in various musical activities to experience firsthand and decide for themselves what suit them best.

2:30 - 3:30pm
L16 The Pod
Rethinking E-Learning for Kids

Teri Tan (Journalist, Publishers Weekly)

Kids’ aptitude for “e-things” is astounding, and content creators have been quick to respond with a slew of e-books and apps. For parents and educators, there is a need to rethink e-learning. Understanding its strengths, weaknesses and limits is crucial to ensure it supports our children's growth and development.

L1 Visitors' Briefing Room
Talking About a Love of Books and Reading

Sharon Ismail () Emily Lim (Author)

Listen to our panellists discuss how they developed their love for reading and books, and how to apply these methods to children today.

4:00 – 5:00/5:30pm
L16 The Pod
Effective Strategies to Develop Bilingual Competency

Kamini Ramachandran (Storyteller, Moonshadow Stories) Edmund Lim (Director (Special Projects), Educare) Dr Shanmugam K (Head of Tamil Programme, School of Arts & Social Sciences, UniSIM)

Parents are increasingly looking for strategies to ensure that their children become bilingual at home and outside. The panel will discuss the current practice and thinking, as well as their own experiences, in developing these strategies.

L1 Visitors' Briefing Room | Workshop
Enhancing the Home Environment for Bilingual Literacy

Lindawati Armaya (Teacher, Creative O Preschoolers' Bay) Huang Ling Ya (Teacher, Creative O Preschoolers' Bay)

This hands-on workshop will introduce some practices that can be done at home to keep language whole and involve children in using language functionally and purposefully. Both speakers will refer to the bilingual literacy environment that they have created for a group of 5-year-old children at preschool.