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Date: 4 Jun 2014 (Wednesday)
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10:00am - 6:00pm
Author Global Readership: Marketing and Monetising Your Content for Writers

Bill Belew (Social Media specialist)

Bill Belew will articulate in this masterclass an easy-to-follow 4-step strategy to acquiring a global readership. A no-nonsense approach with proven results from recent, real and relevant case studies. The masterclass will be hands-on. Participants will walk away with the confidence and know-how for getting their material read by the audience they desire.

Talking Books: Book Reviews

Leonard Marcus (Historian, Writer, Book Critic, Exhibition Curator) Marjorie Coughlan (Reviewer)

What do you think about the last book you read? In this masterclass, Leonard Marcus and Marjorie Coughlan delve into the fine art of the book review. Participants will learn about the role of a reviewer, what to look out for when reading a book, the features of a good book review and what makes a book review an excellent one.

From Cover to Cover: Designing a Book in One Day

Mariko Takagi (Designer, Author)

A book as a media can introduce you to the author's mind, to her/his life story, fantasy or philosophy. Within the span of one day, participants will create a one-of-a-kind book with a provided text. The class is an introduction to experimental book design and participants will learn to design to suit the flow of a story, choose appropriate typefaces for lettering, and to arrange text and visual elements on the page for best impact.

Finding Your Illustrator’s Voice

Frané Lessac (Illustrator) Javier Zabala (Illustrator)

Frané Lessac and Javier Zabala join forces in a dynamic illustration masterclass. The contrast between two different sensitivities and strengths will help you discover yourself and find your own graphic voice. Explore the essence of characters, composition, colour, graphic and narrative rhythm, developing your own style and the collaborative process of blending text and art. Delve into practical and professional ideas to help you develop, plan and design your own book, your way of communicating through illustration. Knowing the old and modern masters of illustration, their techniques and processes, will challenge us to create innovative works in the future.

10.00am - 1.00pm
Speculative Futures: Re-imagining the world

Maureen McHugh (Founder/Creative Content Strategist, No Mimes Media, Author, USA)

Join Tiptree and Hugo Award winner Maureen McHugh as she explores the art of worldbuilding through the craft of story. Delve into the art of creating compelling worlds through writing, and explore themes and issues through the lens of fictional histories or futures. Participants will leave this workshop with a thorough understanding of how to grow believable worlds with fantastical settings and how to incorporate social commentary into riveting stories.

2.30pm - 6.00pm
Techniques and Practices for Building a Multiplatform Universe

Matt Costello (Content Creator, Author, Consultant, USA)

For: Producers, authors, television/film executives, commissioning editors, screenwriters, publishers, filmmakers and content creators.

This workshop will expound the elements from Matt’s keynote speech and examine the important techniques and approaches needed to build a multi-platform storyworld and IP through the analysis of case studies from major projects he had worked on.

Matt will also work directly with participants through the various workshop exercises to bring core concepts to life and to apply the concepts taught to both general and specific work-in-progress projects that the participants may have.