26 - 29 May 2012, The Arts House

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Act 3 Drama Academy

ACT 3 Drama Academy uses Drama to nurture children and build their confidence, discover their talent, and develop them through experiential learning. The very nature of Drama gives us the opportunity to recognise ourselves in various social settings and situations in an imagined world.

It is through Drama that children learn life skills that will help them understand themselves and the world they live in. Drama also unleashes the imaginative mind, develops open-mindedness, and encourages creativity. Children will grow in confidence using their voice and body in dramatic expression through elements and forms of Drama such as Role Play, Storytelling and Improvisation.

ACT 3 Drama Academy was set up in 1994 to develop children through Drama. It has developed over the years a series of Drama Enrichment Programmes focusing on learning outcomes that will develop language skills, social interaction skills and dramatic skills in children.

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