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An Invitation to Participate at the Media Mart

From 26 to 28 May 2011, over 400 international authors, publishers, distributors, institutional buyers, literary agents and multimedia producers of children’s content are expected to gather in Singapore at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) which aims to boost the industry output of Asian content for children.  As part of AFCC, we will be having a Media Mart, where trade visitors can network and exchange information and services.

Here, the Media Mart aims to be a place where writers, illustrators, digital artists, producers and designers get together to convert this Asian content into comics, books, e-books, graphic novels, videos, films and educational games, and work together to distribute quality Asian content to children in Asia and around the world.

As such, we wish to invite you to take part in the Media Mart and be part of this robust platform. To participate, simple fill in the form below and email it to [email protected]. This invitation is open to participants of the AFCC 2011 only.

Please note that the number of booths are limited; registration is on first-come-first-served and subject to the organiser’s approval.

For registration and further enquiries, please contact Ms Celine Chow at 67448483 or email [email protected].

Regulations to note:

  • Only products of the book and media trade may be exhibited.
  • The exhibitor bears sole responsibility for insuring all product exhibits brought to the Festival.
  • Goods may be sold at the Media Mart.
  • Audio presentations at the Media Mart may also be prohibited if it interferes with other exhibition stands.
  • The attachment of publicity material and decorations to the panel walls must be carried out in such a way as to avoid any damage to the stand material (such as through the use of permanent/corrosive adhesive tape or nails).

The reconditioning and replacement of damaged, destroyed or lost fittings and stand material can only be carried out by the Festival organisers at the exhibitor’s expense, or that of his contractor.

Click here to download the registration form.


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