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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
23–26 May 2024

In this year's keynote, we examine the current position of translated works in the landscape of children’s books publishing. Our speakers discuss how we can continue to push for more translation of children’s literature, as well as increase the accessibility of diverse literatures. 

This session is supported by the National Translation Committee.

diversity picture book publishing translation literary landscape

Chun-Liang Yeh

叶俊良 (Chun-Liang Yeh) (Taiwan/France)

Chun-Liang Yeh grew up in Taiwan and founded the publishing house HongFei Cultures with Loïc Jacob in France in 2007. HongFei publishes about 10 new titles per year, most of which are picture books for children on three major themes : travelling, curiosity and relationships. “La Ballade de Mulan” with its outstanding illustration won the Chen Bochui Award in Shanghai in 2015. Chun-Liang Yeh, having been working with European partners for many years, is at ease in guiding creators so as to deliver picture books, including those with Asian cultural contents, that can be understood and appreciated by French readers.

叶俊良来自台湾,2007 年与黎雅格 Loïc Jacob 在法国创办鸿飞文化出版社。鸿飞每年出版约 10 种新书,大部分是以旅行、对未知的好奇和人我关系为主轴的儿童图画故事书,其中《花木兰》以其出色的插图获得2015 年上海陈伯吹国际儿童文学奖。叶俊良长期与欧洲伙伴合作,善于和创作者展开对话,提供法国读者能够理解和欣赏的图画书,包括具有亚洲文化内容的作品。

Lawrence Schimel

Lawrence Schimel (US)

Lawrence Schimel (New York, 1971) is a full-time author, writing in both Spanish and English, based in Madrid, Spain, who has published over 130 books in a wide range of genres. His picture books have won a Crystal Kite Award from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, a White Raven from the International Youth Library in Munich, and have been chosen by IBBY for Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities (three times), among other honors. His writings have been translated into over sixty languages, including Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Urdu, Farsi, Kurdish, and Basque. In addition to his own writing, he is a prolific literary translator, primarily into English and into Spanish, who has published over 160 books. His translations into English have won a Batchelder Honor from the American Library Association, a PEN Translates Award from English PEN (three times), and a National Endowment for the Arts Translation Fellowship (with Layla Benitez-James), among other honors. He is Editorial Director for Ediciones NorteSur, the Spanish-language imprint of children’s book publisher NorthSouth Books.

Adan Jimenez

Moderator Adan Jimenez (Singapore)

Adan Jimenez is a writer, editor, and translator. He co-writes the bestselling children’s mystery series Sherlock Sam with his partner Felicia Low, which has been translated into Korean, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, and more. He is the proud son of Mexican immigrant parents and became an immigrant himself when he moved to Singapore. He loves comics, LEGO, books, games (analog and video), science fiction, and food.

Programme dates and times are subject to change.