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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
23–26 May 2024

Join us for an extraordinary workshop where parents craft an short comic book (children can join in too), capturing the enchanting journey of your child's birth story. "Birth Story" is a hands-on event designed to ignite creativity and cultivate a deeper connection between parents and their children.

The idea for the workshop emerged out of Dr Woo Yen Yen’s experience drawing and telling the story of her daughter’s birth when her daughter was a young child. Dr. Woo's daughter would eagerly flip through the pages, requesting to hear the story over and over again, creating a very special time between parent and child.

Dr Woo Yen Yen, along with the expertise of beloved children's storybook creator Josef Lee, will guide you through this creative process. In just one hour, you'll craft a personalized storybook that will be a cherished keepsake for a lifetime, creating lasting memories for you and your children. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a creative journey that celebrates the unique magic of your children’s birth story.

Very limited slots available, please pre-register for the session to confirm your seats!

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Josef Lee

Josef Lee (Singapore)

Josef Lee tells stories through pictures. As a picture-book author & artist, his illustrated short stories have been shared online since 2008. In 2017, Josef successfully published his first picture-book via crowdfunding. Since then, he has published over 10 picture-books and 1 novel adaptation, in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand. Josef also launched the 'House of Mini Picture Books' ( in 2021 - an online FREE resource of original picture stories by local authors, to be downloaded / printed / DIY-ed into mini picture books. Follow him on IG @joseflee.stories

Woo Yen Yen

Woo Yen Yen (Singapore)

Dr Woo Yen Yen is an innovative educator and cultural designer who bridges creative methods and pedagogy. With a wealth of experience across various mediums including print, film, mobile technology, and stage, she specializes in crafting dynamic learning experiences that are both captivating and educational. Yen Yen’s work has been published or screened in multiple venues, including Netflix, HBO, the App Store, Google Play Store, Singapore Airlines, Tokyo International Film Festival, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Smithsonian Institution, Brooklyn Museum of Art, and National Museum of Singapore. She holds a doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University and has taught in New York, Taiwan and Singapore. She is currently Programme Leader, MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice at LASALLE | University of the Arts Singapore. Follow Yen Yen on IG @yenyendimsumwarriors

Programme dates and times are subject to change.