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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
23–26 May 2024

Many parents foster a love of reading in their kids with school in mind. This discussion, featuring authors and teachers, explores how books and stories can turn kids into curious learners who enjoy discovery for their own sake. Learn creative ways for parents to move beyond exam-centric views, using books, reading aloud, and imaginative conversations to nurture curiosity and instil the joy of learning in their children.

Emily Lim-Leh

Emily Lim-Leh (Singapore)

Emily Lim-Leh is an award-winning author of over 40 children’s books. She was named Mediacorp’s Singapore Woman Award Honoree for inspiring readers and is a recipient of the Public Service Medal (Covid-19) for her informational e-picture books for the community. Little Hero, her new junior historical fiction book, came out of her curiosity and interest to learn about her grandmother’s and father’s stories.

Sim Ee Waun

Sim Ee Waun (Singapore)

Sim Ee Waun, renowned author of "The Little Singapore Book" and "We Shall Remember: The Story of Singapore at War," is dedicated to bringing Singapore’s history alive for children. With nearly 30 years as a food writer and editor, she now focuses on historical creative non-fiction, co-founding Pepper Dog Press. Ee Waun also teaches part-time at the National University of Singapore and is a Former Ford Factory Museum docent, fervently sharing her passion for Singapore’s past.

Srividhya Mohan

Srividhya Mohan (Singapore)

Srividhya Mohan is an English Language teacher at Jing Shan Primary School. She enjoys working with children to provide rich language experiences that will develop their love for the language while equipping them with social emotional skills. As a book lover, she particularly enjoys children's literature and believes that stories is an effective teaching tool that captivates children's attention, brings learning to life and creates platforms for teachable moments.

Joyceline See Tully

Moderator Joyceline See Tully (Singapore)

Joyceline See Tully is a Singaporean children’s book author with a penchant for local wildlife. Singapore lore and glorious food. She has written several children’s books including Tiger Tales, Road Safety with Kay and Bear Bear, Attack at the Mall and The Runaway Car, and co-authored The Little Singapore Book. After working in publishing for more than 25 years as a journalist and magazine editor, she now teaches part-time at a local university and is working on her next children’s book.

Programme dates and times are subject to change.