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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
23–26 May 2024

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Name of Illustrator Country Website Published Work
Aaron M. Asis The Philippines instagram Soaring Saturdays
Abi Goy The Philippines / instagram Dancing Waters: The Life of Leni Robredo
Adrian Panadero The Philippines instagram Cely's Crocodile: The Art and Story of Araceli Limcaco-Dans
Aldy C. Aguirre The Philippines instagram Ang Kuwento ni Mimosa (The Story of Mimosa)
Amir Alaei Islamic Republic of Iran Behance The Zulfa
Ang INK (Ang Ilustrador ng Kabtaan) Featured: Ara Villena, Nina Martinez & Rex Dasig Aguilar The Philippines / instagram I am the Change in Climate Change
Ang INK Artists Collective Featured: Jomike Tejido, Sergio Bumatay III, Robert Alejandro & Ruben de Jesus The Philippines / instagram The Amazing Beasts of Philippine Mythology
Awin Tan (Papawin) Malaysia NA Where Did My Grandma Go?
Bae Hyun-ju Korea NA Kimchi
Barbara Eni Priyanti Indonesia instagram Mul dan Semangkuk Garam
Beth Parrocha The Philippines / instagram Habulan (The Chase)
Brent Sabas The Philippines instagram Ang Bangkang Tutong (The Burnt-Rice Boat)
Brittanie Gaja United States Website Hello, Sweet Baby: An Adoption Journey
Bru Sim The Philippines instagram The Idea Jungle
Caldwell Jones Reynaldo The Philippines instagram / facebook / x Every Sunday
Cam Anh Nguyen Vietnam Website Nhâm Nhi Tết Giáp Thìn – Enjoy the Year of Dragon
Christina Javier The Philippines behance / instagram Once upon the Sun and Sea: Indigenous Stories and Folk Tales from the Philippines
Corazon Dandan Albano The Philippines instagram All About the Philippines
Danielle V. Florendo The Philippines instagram The Perfect Tree
Dhapan Saengsuwon Thailand Website Our Home
Dione Kong The Philippines instagram / portfoliobox Kokak!
Dominic Agsaway The Philippines behance / instagram Boy Kendeng
Dominic Agsaway The Philippines behance What You Can Do With Money
Evelyn Ghozalli (EorG) Indonesia instagram Ms. Jug Finds a Home
Felix Mago Miguel The Philippines instagram / portfolio Baul ni Emil
Fran Alvarez The Philippines Website Hati Pa Rin – Still Shared
Frances Krista Alvarez The Philippines instagram / website Dancing Hands: A Story of Friendship in Filipino Sign Language
Gizem Gozde Ucar TurkeyUnited Kingdom Website Aklimda Bir Sey Var! – I Have Something On My Mind!
Hanny Juwita Indonesia Website Cut Nyak Dhien
Happy Garaje The Philippines instagram Lubi Lubi
Harry Monzon The Philippines instagram Inip
Inseon Korea NA A Dream of Moving Out
Iori Janelli A. Espiritu The Philippines instagram Kung May Dinosaur sa Kamalig ni Lolo
Ivan Bryan G Reverente The Philippines instagram The Amazing Beasts of Philippine Mythology
Ivan Bryan Reverente The Philippines instagram Lakbay Masjid
Jamie Bauza The Philippines website / instagram What Lolo Wants
Jap Mikel The Philippines instagram / facebook / x Unang Engkantada
Jeannelle Pita The Philippines website / instagram Pikon
Jenelyn Joy Duran The Philippines instagram Sa Lambak Namin nina Lakay
Jericho Moral The Philippines instagram Agawan Base
Joanne Wong Hong KongUnited Kingdom Website Game of Rona and Powa
Kenneth Chin Yu An Singapore Website Fabulous Flying Five
Kidung Larasati Indonesia instagram Aku Melihat Paus di Langit – I See A Whale in The Sky
Kim Alexis Santiago The Philippines portfolio / instagram Ang Araw ng Mga Ina
Kim Minu Korea NA The Dog Who Can Read
Lamia Azad Bangladesh NA PEBET
Lindsay Korea NA Simon's Spring
Lionel K. Ang The Philippines instagram Pintong Maraming Silid (The Room with Many Roors)
Liza Flores The Philippines website / instagram Hiya – Shy
Maral Forouzesh Islamic Republic of Iran Brave Old Woman
Marcus Nada The Philippines behance / instagram Aray, Nasugatan Ako!
Marcus Nada The Philippines Behance Sorpresang Berdey ni Tin-Tin
Maria Angela Laiz Taguiang The Philippines Website Si Tiya Salome
Maria Angela Taguiang The Philippines website / instagram The Princess and the Frog Allergies
Maria Carlizza C. Pagaduan The Philippines website / instagram Mamay Esing
Maria Cristina Sison The Philippines website Bee Honest
Marx Reinhart H. Fidel The Philippines behance / instagram Bawat Bata
Mary Ann Papa The Philippines website / instagram The Lucky Doctor
Miski Nabila Fasya Indonesia NA Saving Pigeon's Eggs
Mori Chiang FranceTaiwan Website Allons Voir La Mer
Munsya Rahman Malaysia instagram Story About Life
Nai Rinaket Indonesia Website Bookbird Volume 62, Number 1, 2024
Ngoc Bich Nguyen Vietnam Behance Đôi mắt biết nói – Eyes that speak
Oran Somchart Thailand NA The Same
Pang Hong Yi Bonnie Hong Kong Website Lights Out: A Movement to Help Migrating Birds
Papassara Sophonarunchot Thailand NA Let's Save the World
Papassara Sophonarunchot Thailand NA The Secret Wood
Patricia Portugal The Philippines instagram Si Mona Ballerina
Patricia Ramos The Philippines website / instagram Ang Alamat ni Nina Gigantes
Pepot Atienza The Philippines Pahiyas: Planting Rainbow Seeds
Pergylene Acuña The Philippines instagram Hindi Ako Papasok Ngayon/I Won’t Go To School Today
Rachel Batislaong The Philippines behance / instagram / LinkedIn Ano Kaya ang Huli Natin?
Ray Nazarene Sunga The Philippines instagram Si Andoy, Batang Tondo (Andoy, Tondo Boy)
Renz Juno B. Abreu The Philippines instagram Papa Teyo
Renz Juno B. Abreu The Philippines Website Ang Mahiwagang Habihan – The Magical Loom
Rev Cruz The Philippines Nasaan Sila? ("Where Are They?")
Reza Dalvand Islamic Republic of IranUnited States Website I Have The Right
Reza Dalvand Islamic Republic of IranUnited States Website Une Annee de Fetes
Rishita Loitongbam India Website The Child who Played with Spirits
Ritwick Roy and Riddhi Trivedi India Website Betty Bee Goes To School
Rommel E. Joson The Philippines website / instagram Isang Harding Papel
Rommel E. Joson The Philippines Website The Amazing Beasts of Philippine Mythology
Salimeh Babakhan Islamic Republic of Iran Website Li Li Li Li Hozak
Samidha Gunjal India instagram Baagh Bahadur
Samidha Gunjal India instagram Akral- Vikral Rakshas
Shirin Fatollahi Islamic Republic of Iran LinkedIn We Are Perfect Together
Shruti Hemani India instagram A Suitcase for Surta
So Chun Man Hong Kong instagram See You In Memories (3rd Ed.)
Somaye Mohamadi Islamic Republic of Iran NA Wally
Tessa Michelle P. Go The Philippines behance / instagram My Fancy Tea Party
Thao Vo Vietnam Website A Delicious Piece of Moon
Tong Yan Lok Isabel Hong Kong Website Be Yourself
Tuan Nini MalaysiaRomania Website Dear Brother
Tzu-Chun Chang Taiwan Website Quién Soy
Valentina Kris Utami Indonesia Website Arti & Fantasi
Viel Elijah A. Vidal The Philippines portfolio / instagram The Hair That Cleaned The River
Voraprot Korcharoenwat Thailand instagram Miracle Reading
Winna Citra Lanidya Indonesia behance Lihat, Aku Bisa! – Look, I Can!
Wong Pui Ka Hong Kong Website Outside the Bowl
Yeganeh Yaghoobnezhad Islamic Republic of Iran Website The Balloon and the Mouse