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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
25–28 May 2023

The Illustrators Portfolio Review provides an opportunity for illustrators (emerging or practising) with an available body of work to book an exclusive, one-on-one consultation session with renowned illustrators and artists for feedback on their portfolio and receive tips on improving their techniques. 

Illustrations Review

Daniel Miyares

Daniel Miyares (USA)

Daniel Miyares is a critically acclaimed picture book author and illustrator. Some of his books include: Float, Hope At Sea, Night Out, and Bring Me A Rock!. Daniel has been called “…a master of visual storytelling.”- Jody Hewston, Kinderlit, and “…enchanting, versatile” – The New York Times. He believes that our stories have the power to connect us all. Daniel’s story currently takes place in Lenexa, KS with his wife, their two wonderful children, and a dog named Violet that gives them all a run for their money     

David Liew

David Liew (Singapore)

When he’s not illustrating books like Eliza Teoh’s Ellie Belly and Hwee Goh’s Change Makers, David can be found building miniature worlds in unattended drawers. In-between this artistic mayhem, he teaches at local art colleges and polytechnics. If adequately incentivised he’ll admit to illustrating Pippa Chorley’s Eye Spy series and Melanie Lee’s The Adventures of Squirky the Alien as well.

Lin Bo Ting

林柏廷 (Lin Bo Ting) (Taiwan)

小时候志向是当兽医,现在创作绘本过生活,年过四十才开始读美术硕士,很怕吵却又喜欢和小孩互动,擅长以粉蜡笔、压克力颜料、复合媒材、电脑绘图等为创作媒材。奖励包括《阿祖再見》2023 台北国际书展书展大奖、2021金鼎奖优良出版品推荐、《一个像海的地方》OPENBOOK 好书奖 年度童书、 《一起去动物园》第六届 香港丰子恺儿童图画书奖 佳作、《一个像海的地方》第七届丰子恺儿童图画书奖推荐。

As a child, Lin Bo Ting’s dream was to become a vet, now he creates picture books for a living. He decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Art in his 40s. Despite his aversion to noise, he enjoys interacting with children. He is adept at using oil pastels, acrylic paint, mixed media, and the computer to create his artwork. His accolades include the 2023 Taipei International Book Exhibition Award, 2021 Golden Tripod Awards (Outstanding Publication) and the 7th Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award (Recommended Book).   

Programme dates and times are subject to change.