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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
25–28 May 2023

How children's books portray gender differences and how society reinforces these differences are important issues for children too. This talk looks at how gendered perspectives may be inhibiting for others if left unchecked. The session provides close reading for selected texts as well as expound on the significance of learning about how parents, educators and librarians see, understand and oftentimes advocate stereotypes through the books we select for children.

Lisa Zuliana Binte Zulkifli

Lisa Zuliana Binte Zulkifli (Singapore)

Lisa Zuliana Binte Zulkifli is an Associate Librarian with the National Library Board, where she works to ensure young children between 0-6 years old enjoy valuable curated programmes that boost their literacy and love for reading. Lisa is also an avid feminist since young and believes that children are never too young to learn about gender equality and how perceptions of gender change with time.

Charlene Shepherdson

Moderator Charlene Shepherdson (Singapore)

Charlene Shepherdson is an interdisciplinary writer based in Singapore who creates experiences using visual text, interactive narratives and historical archives. The breadth of their practice spans poetry, creative nonfiction, visual art installations and social sculptures; with a deep focus on communities and the ideas that exist in the in-betweens. 

Programme dates and times are subject to change.