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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
25–28 May 2023

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) provides a platform for speakers and participants to be a part of AFCC’s programmes by supporting and growing the public’s awareness of quality Asian publications and programmes for children.

Admission is free for book launches. 

Books by Armour Publishing

25 May 2023 (Thu) | 5:00pm—6:00pm
L1, Plaza

Embracing Diversity: Theodore Finds His Spot

Written by Mabelle Yeo Hui Leng, Illustrated by See Hui Qin

Published by Armour Publishing Pte Ltd

Theodore is the only teaspoon in a young human family’s kitchen. Small and made of simple stainless steel, Theodore is often picked on by his bigger, fancier silver friends frequently found at the dining table. “Stay in your spot!” he’s often told by his haughty friends. When Grandmother comes to stay with the family, Theodore finds himself moving from his spot in the kitchen condiment pot to the dining table. Can Theodore discover his true potential and navigate his relations with the other cutlery on the table?


Forest Friends: Little Raccoon’s Birthday!

Written by Francesca Wah, Illustrated by Celest Poh 

Published by Armour Publishing Pte Ltd

It is Little Raccoon's birthday! The Little Animals celebrate with a party. But what will they do with all the rubbish after the party? Join Little Raccoon and his friends as they have fun learning about the three Rs.

Ingatan Masa Kecil (Memory of Childhood)

26 May 2023 (Fri) | 11:15am—12:15pm
L1, Plaza

Written by Yona Primadesi, Illustrated by Nai Rinaket

Published by Sahabat Gorga

Ingatan Masa Kecil is a poetry book for young readers. It tells a story of the bleak period when the children of East Timor were forcibly transferred to Indonesia during the Indonesian invasion of the 1970s. The children must suffer the dark life in the jungle when Indonesian soldiers bomb their homeland. Then they had to live on the land they never wanted to be at. This book features illustrations from Nai Rinaket which in 2022 will become part of the AFCC Book Illustrations Gallery.

Grandma’s Tiger

26 May 2023 (Fri) | 3:00pm—4:00pm
L1, Plaza

Written by Alan John, Illustrated by Quek Hong Shin

Published by Straits Times Press

“Help! TIGER!!”

Was it really a tiger that Grandma saw on Pulau Ubin while gathering clams one warm, sunny morning? And what will animal expert Dr. Sunny Banuna and his team find when they embark on their big tiger hunt across the island?

Books by Chew Lee Ching

27 May 2023 (Sat) | 11:00am—12:00pm
L3, Drama Centre Function Room 3

Books supported by the Lee Kuan Yew Fund For Bilingualism

你见到乌龟了吗? (Have You Seen The Turtle?)

Two boys rescue a turtle after hearing mysterious scratching sounds coming from the drain. While waiting for its owner to claim it, the turtle goes missing for the next few days, giving the boys a puzzle to solve each day. You will never guess some of the places it went hiding.

晶晶怎么了? (What Happened to Goldie?)

Grandpa bought a pretty, gold-coloured baby koi fish for the boys. The boys loved it and named it Goldie. But one day, Goldie goes missing. What happens to it? The boys think about the possible culprits and eliminate the possibilities one by one before they find their answer. But not before upsetting the “suspects.”

What Ants Do on Very Dry Days

27 May 2023 (Sat) | 2:30pm—3:30pm
L3, Drama Centre Function Room 3

Written by Sun Xueling, Illustrated by Josef Lee

Andi and Johnny are good friends but their different abilities lead them down separate pathways. Their friendship is tested when a crisis occurs. Can they come together and use their different skills to help each other?

Scholastic Asia Picture Book Launch Party

27 May 2023 (Sat) | 4:30pm—5:30pm
L5, Possibility Room

Scholastic Asia cordially invites you to the official book launch of My Grandfather’s Rojak and Pahiyas, Planting Rainbow Seeds – the finalists of the 2019 Scholastic Picture Book Award. Join the conversation with authors Emily Lim-Leh, and Eugene Evasco alongside the books’ illustrators Alycia Teo and Pepot Atienza, and moderated by Daphne Lee, Consulting Editor of Scholastic Asia.

The Scholastic Picture Book Award encourages the creation of Asian-inspired picture books and recognizes Asian content authored and illustrated by talented and creative Asian writers and illustrators.

Books by Marshall Cavendish International

28 May 2023 (Sun) | 10:00am—11:00am
L1, Plaza

Grace and Mr Milligan

Written by Caz Goodwin, Illustrated by Pip Kruger

Grace lives next door to old Mr Milligan and his goat Charlie. They are the best of friends. But when Mr Milligan’s beloved goat dies, everything changes. Will Grace be able to help her friend overcome his sadness? Grace and Mr Milligan is a heart-warming story of grief, love, and the healing power of friendship.  


Figuring Life Out series

Written by Alex Loh and Lyn Kang, illustrated by Low Jun Jek

Figuring Life Out is a book series that offers stories that help children to better understand and appreciate themselves while developing positive relationships with others. These engaging tales introduce readers to valuable social-emotional skills such as: self-awareness, stress management, conflict resolution, responding to bullying, and responsible decision-making.


Books by Homely Hammock

28 May 2023 (Sun) | 12:15pm—1:15pm
L1, Plaza

What happens when a child tries to emulate his parents and put into practice what he has been taught? Well, sometimes, the best of intentions come with surprises, especially when it comes from toddlers! Follow Iman in his adventures with his mum and dad as he tries to put into practice the values that his parents have taught him only for hilarity to ensue. Not only kids, but mums and dads will enjoy reading about these daily interactions between child and parent while building character and love for each other.

Mama Once Told Me

Written by Sharifah Huseinah Madihid, illustrated by Lakhaula S. Aulia 

Iman is bored.  Everyone is busy. Guests are coming. Iman wants to help and he remembers what to do. Follow the Prophet's way, of course, just like what his Mama always tells him! Will his well-intentioned gesture make mama proud or will it end up in disaster? Follow Iman in this hilarious, yet heart-warming adventure as he tries to recreate the Prophet's Sunnah of honouring guests.


Abah Once Told Me

Written by Sharifah Huseinah Madihid, illustrated by Lakhaula S. Aulia 

It's Friday! Iman's favourite day. It is time to go to the masjid. Iman is determined to follow the Prophet's way, just like what his Abah always tells him! He is all ready to go for Jumu'ah prayers. Will Iman be able to remember and follow the Prophet in the way he was told? Join Iman in this amusing, yet endearing adventure as he tries to follow the Prophet's Sunnah of Jumu'ah.

My Miracle Ear (Telinga Ajaibku)

28 May 2023 (Sun) | 1:30pm—2:30pm
L1, Plaza

Written by Allysha Asmadi 

Note: This book is written by a child author aged 12

Crystal is an excellent violinist who has been playing since she was 3 years old. She creates her music as melodiously as the singing of birds and buzzing bees. Her fingers dance along the strings of her violin like a ballerina with such poise that no one knew she wears a hearing aid.


Kristal pandai bermain violin. Jari-jarinya menari di atas tali seperti penari balet. Mainan violin Kristal menyentuh hati pendengar. Namun, ada satu perkara yang Kristal berasa malu orang lain ketahui. Dia sebenarnya kanak-kanak kurang daya pendengaran pada sebelah telinga dan harus memakai alat bantu pendengaran.

Books by Difference Engine

28 May 2023 (Sun) | 2:45pm—3:45pm
L1, Plaza

Two Tails

Written by Kiana Fedly

University student Rara detests animals, especially cats. Until a fatal bike accident changes everything… Now armed with two tails and with a long-lost friend by her side, Rara ventures on a journey to show us the nature of animals, and the space that we carry in our hearts for reconciliation. 


Afterlife: The Boy Next Realm

Written by Gina Chew, Illustrated by Nadhir Nor

Afterlife: The Boy Next Realm follows Kyra, who meets spirit keeper Eric, after a family tragedy. What happens when they feel an inexplicable connection that challenges the notion of what it means to let go. 

Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Strategies and Ruses

28 May 2023 (Sun) | 3:15pm—4:15pm
L3, Drama Centre Function Room 3

Written by Pauline Loh, Illustrated by Patrick Yee

Published by World Scientific Education

This is the third book in the series "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" - an age-appropriate retelling of the original Chinese classic for kids with vibrant illustrations. It is about the three warriors Liu Bei Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.  

Books by Low Lai Chow

28 May 2023 (Sun) | 4:00pm—5:00pm
L1, Plaza

《最佳猜档》系列 (The Game of Guessing book series)

Book 1: 小笼包,小熊猫 (Xiao Long Bao, Little Panda)
Book 2: 汉堡包,好宝宝 (Hamburger, Good Baby)
Book 3: 快熟面,快速面 (Instant Noodles, High-Speed Noodles)

TIME TO… GUESS! An endearing bilingual Chinese-English wordplay series that celebrates parent-child togetherness and the whimsical joy of everyday moments. 


My Mum and Dad are Separated

Harmonious co-parenting comes alive in this feel-good tale of everlasting parental love, as perceived by a child. Depicting the ebb and flow of everyday life with separated parents, this quietly affirmative narrative is a must-have for positive parenting advocates and co-parenting practitioners with shared parenting arrangements elevating the young ones in their lives. 


These books are published by Droll Books

For the Love of Dance: The Extraordinary Beginnings of Mr & Mrs Bhaskar

28 May 2023 (Sun) | 5:15pm—6:15pm
L1, Plaza

Written by Abhi Krish , illustrated by Sayan Mukherjee

Published by World Scientific Publishing

Mr K P Bhaskar and Mrs Santha Bhaskar were cultural leaders who devoted their lives to elevating Indian dance in Singapore. Over the last several decades, they have stood strong in the spotlight for their artistic efforts and immeasurable service to the nation. But as celebrated their achievements may be, what has remained in humble silence is the history of their youth.

Born fifteen years apart as Bhaskar Krishna Pillai and Pankyamma Santhamma, it was dance that compelled fate to bring this unlikely couple together. The vivid illustrations in this comic book will take readers back to 1937, to witness their extraordinary journeys unfold through the eyes of a young, impassioned K P Bhaskar.