Conferences & Workshops


Date: 30 May 2013 (Thursday)
10.00am - 6.00pm
Creating a Transmedia Project

Kate McCallum (Producer, Transmedia Consultant, Writer)

In this 8 hour class, participants will be introduced to the concept of transmedia design strategy, story analysis, effective development and how to create a comprehensive story world and style bible. Each participant will create their own story world Style Guide and Bible which they will be able to present to prospective buyers.

To prepare for the masterclass, you are encouraged to read articles on .

Class Outline:

1. Introduction – Transmedia & Cross Platform Storytelling
• Transmedia Overview – Story+Technology = New Opportunities
• Assessing your own strengths and skills as a Writer/Creator
• It starts with the Story – The Foundation 

2. Creating A Storyworld Bible
• Backstory and Context
• Characters
• Synopsis & Storylines

3. Exploring Multiple Platforms Brainstorm:
• Options for Distribution
• Engaging the Audience and Fanbase
• Strategic Planning

4. The Business of Transmedia:
• Copyrights, Trademarks
• Funding, Sponsors
• Digital Asset Management

5. Pitch Showcase & Feedback

10.00am - 1.30pm
Secrets of Turning Prose into Animation

Robert Greenberg (Author, Screenwriter)

How is writing for animation the same as writing prose? How is it different? What does an animation script look like? Learn the steps of screenwriting – treatment, scene breakdown and a first draft script; and go deeper into writing a script – scene heading, dialogue and transitions. Robert Greenberg will guide participants through the study of various case studies showcasing different writing styles and in the process, help develop each participant’s personal writing style.

Class Outline:
1. The steps of screenwriting – telling the story with pictures.
• Treatment
• Scene Breakdown
• First draft script

2. Four sorts of writing that go into a script
• Scene Heading
• Big print
• Dialogue
• Transitions

3. Case Studies
Bridget Goddess – pilot for animated series for Nickelodeon- script reading and viewing of completed pilot
Fleabitten – script reading of first few scenes- viewing of final animation
The Woodlies – script reading of first few scenes – viewing of final animation
Get Ace – script reading

10.00am - 6.00pm
Let’s Get Precise – How Thinking Like a Poet Can Improve All Writing

Michael Salinger (Author, Poet), Sara Holbrook (Author, Poet)

Award winning authors Michael Salinger and Sara Holbrook lead writers through fun writing exercises and conversations that zero in on form and technique aimed to help authors craft precise and concise work. Imagery, metaphor, editing, narrative structure, even public speaking for authors is covered in this comprehensive session. Come ready to write.