9 Jun 2013 by afccwire AFCC 2013

AFCC 2013 – Around the Blogosphere

This year there was no dedicated AFCC Wire team onsite, however, many speakers and participants at AFCC were blogging about their AFCC experiences. Here's a selection - we'll be adding to the list as more people post on their blogs. Papertigers (Corinne Robson & Marjorie Coughlan) Not… READ FULL ENTRY

26 Feb 2013 AFCC 2013

AFCC – The Celebration of Diversity!

Imagine it! You are sitting in a televised quiz show and a lot of money hangs on the next question and your answer. You wait with bated breath! “What is the difference between a conference and a festival?” Ah Ha! You smile. You have been to AFCC before and think that you’ve got… READ FULL ENTRY

20 Feb 2013 AFCC 2013

Why I can’t miss AFCC2013

I am excited! I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a programme for a festival or conference, I am excited about two things. One thing is the new learning that the programme seems to offer and the second thing are the new people that I will get to know. Even at my ripe old age, I look… READ FULL ENTRY