Why not? I can think of a few reasons...

Without creativity, life would be stale

I’ve seen how people spice up the dullest of chores or things to make them more interesting. Take barista art, or an ingenious table that can be folded on the wall, or shelves made from an old guitar. We owe it to the heroes who dare to make things a little different and a little better.

Desire to explore

I believe there’s a desire in each of us to be more, to probe our talents, to question our limits. You wouldn’t know whether you could draw, write, dance, or act if you didn’t try. And if you could draw or write, the only way to find out how far your skills go is to continue writing and drawing.

Problem-solve and invent

Did you know that post-it notes were created by Spencer Silver, a chemist who invented a glue that did not stick? Imagine being present at that time and scoffing at the idea of a non-stick glue. Ha! Do not belittle the sticky invention (which is incidentally all over my wall right now), and do not belittle your talent and how much you can contribute to the world.

Sometimes we wonder if we can be creative at all. Instead, let’s wonder how much we can potentially accomplish and chase that star. Your writing, your illustration, your new teaching method might very well be the next big thing that others need!

Speaker Quotes

What our AFCC 2017 speakers have to say about what creativity is to them.

On pushing the boundaries of creativity

- Alycia Teo 

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