Viknesh, a 16 year old student from Christ Church Secondary has launched his second book at Asian Festival of Children’s Content. We interviewed him about his new book and his inspiration and if he is publishing any other books. He is what he has to say.

Please tell me about your current book

My current book is called dumbcane and daffodils and it’s the second book that I launched at Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC). The book is a compilation of compositions. Each composition can be read on their own. The book is crafted in such a way that it is one whole story when put together. When you read the book you don’t realize that the composition are individual, rather, the story flows naturally. This what makes the book unique. When you read other books, they are not compositions by itself, but in this book, if you read further, you will be able to tell that they are compositions by themselves.

This book has very well crafted vocabulary and sentence structure. When primary 3-6 students read this book, it is an ideal choice as they will be able to pick up words like ‘coherence’ or ‘vociferation’ from the text. You will be prompted to find out the meaning of the words. The readers will then be able to use these words in their own composition to enhance their reader’s pleasure as well as to get more marks.

Please tell me more about your first book.

My first book was written when I was in primary two. My book reaches out to the primary 1-3 audience. The book mainly consists of stories like Sinbad and Cinderella but it is told in a different way from actual books. It is told with a twist that grabs the reader’s attention. The book also has very good graphics. This is a good book for students to start their reading with.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration is my parents. If it weren’t for my parents, I wouldn’t have gone the extra mile and develop all these compositions into a story. My book contributes back to the society that provided me with this education system. If it wasn’t for my parents, I wouldn’t have been able to launch my book at AFCC today.

Do you plan to write another book anytime soon?

Definitely. Right now I’m in secondary four, and my main priority is my ‘O’ levels which will end in November. Once my ‘O’ levels have ended, I plan to launch the second part of Dumbcane and Daffodils. It will most probably be launched next year or the year after.

Is there any advice you can give to aspiring writers?

Follow your passion. If you have a passion for writing and you realize your writing is good, don’t stop there. Approach your parents or your teachers or anyone who is good in writing. No one will stop you from writing. Writing is an excellent habit. Look at journalists, they are envied because of their writing and able to develop a story so well. They have the passion to fuel them to write good articles that captures the reader’s attention. If you progress to secondary school, the writing passion will help you. If you are able to read and write well, your essays will have no problems at all. If you have the passion to write, don’t stop at compositions, go the extra mile. I’m really glad that I wrote this book as it has helped my English a lot.



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