27 May 2012 by merruveen AFCC 2012

Learning in a Social Network Environment

Stanley Han, CEO and co-founder of Personal E-Motion private limited (PEM), gave a very informative and encouraging talk on the future of technology in education, as well as not-so-subtly hinting at the increasing viability of careers in computing and media as an alternative to the standard Asian… READ FULL ENTRY

27 May 2012 by Martina AFCC 2012

The right way or the Singapore highway?

Importance of Continuity in Teaching Strategies from Preschool to Primary Dr Susan Harris-Shaples Grainy cameraphone picture of Dr Harris-Shaples and her well-meaning audience. The austere Chamber Room proved apt for Dr Harris-Sharples’s weighty discourse on the criticality of continuity in… READ FULL ENTRY

Time to get on with the times.
26 May 2012 by merruveen AFCC 2012

Time to get on with the times.

I went for the session on the use of the iPad in children’s Literacy education held by Dr. Tamas Kiss, and it was, if anything, the most forward looking of all the talks I have been so far. He pointed out that the generation of today cannot be treated the same way the older generations have… READ FULL ENTRY

25 May 2012 by merruveen AFCC 2012


Here’s a picture of the first event of the AFCC, Dr. Chitra’s keynote. Would have taken more pictures but am self-conscious of my phone’s bad camera quality. More random snapshots to come! READ FULL ENTRY

25 May 2012 by merruveen AFCC 2012

Writing Non-Fiction

Prior to this discussion, my impression of non-fiction books written specifically for children had been decidedly myopic. As a child, the only non-fiction books I owned were a bunch of Childcraft Encyclopedias (which were excellent, by the way) and, well, textbooks. Given the increasing… READ FULL ENTRY