17 Mar 2014 AFCC 2014

Interview with Mr Rama

John McKenzie (Senior Lecturer at the University of Canterbury, NZ) interviews R. Ramachandran, Executive Director of the National Book Council of Singapore about the Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2014. John has attended and contributed to this festival for the last four years. It is… READ FULL ENTRY

AFCC Spotted in Thailand!
17 Mar 2014 AFCC 2014

AFCC Spotted in Thailand!

Scholastic Thailand has been spreading the news on AFCC and thanks to them, we found ourselves on three news sites! http://www.ryt9.com/s/prg/1854605 http://www.thaipr.net/general/533065 http://www.oknation.net/blog/reporter80/2014/03/11/entry-2 Thank you Scholastic Thailand! READ FULL ENTRY

Mr Rama’s Visit to Japan
28 Feb 2014 AFCC 2014

Mr Rama’s Visit to Japan

Of Asia and Children’s Books: The Role of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) featuring R. Ramachandran, Executive Director of AFCC and Bolormaa Baasansuren and Ganbaatar Ichinnorov, SingTel Asian Picture Book Award Winners forOld City on Friday, January 10, 2014… READ FULL ENTRY

9 Jun 2013 by afccwire AFCC 2013

AFCC 2013 – Around the Blogosphere

This year there was no dedicated AFCC Wire team onsite, however, many speakers and participants at AFCC were blogging about their AFCC experiences. Here's a selection - we'll be adding to the list as more people post on their blogs. Papertigers (Corinne Robson & Marjorie Coughlan) Not… READ FULL ENTRY

26 Feb 2013 AFCC 2013

AFCC – The Celebration of Diversity!

Imagine it! You are sitting in a televised quiz show and a lot of money hangs on the next question and your answer. You wait with bated breath! “What is the difference between a conference and a festival?” Ah Ha! You smile. You have been to AFCC before and think that you’ve got… READ FULL ENTRY

20 Feb 2013 AFCC 2013

Why I can’t miss AFCC2013

I am excited! I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a programme for a festival or conference, I am excited about two things. One thing is the new learning that the programme seems to offer and the second thing are the new people that I will get to know. Even at my ripe old age, I look… READ FULL ENTRY

3 Jul 2012 by afccwire Book Club

AFCC Book Club: Dim Sum Warriors

Exciting news! We are having an AFCC Book Club! The Arts House, the National Book Development Council of Singapore and the Asian Festival of Children’s Content Book Club present The Singapore Launch of DIM SUM WARRIORS 点心侠. After creating the satirical website… READ FULL ENTRY

6 Jun 2012 by Judah Kan AFCC 2012

My day at AFCC

*This article is written by our youngest student journalist who is 9 years old. On Saturday, 27th May 2012, I went to the Asian Parents Forum in the Asian Festival of Children’s Content at The Arts House in Singapore. I attended two programs and spent three hours in the Arts House. The… READ FULL ENTRY

6 Jun 2012 by afccwire AFCC 2012

Starry Starry Night

Children’s book industry professionals and the public gather for a night of celebration. More than 80 people assembled at The Arts House Gallery on May 26 to celebrate a night dedicated to the children’s book industry. According to the event website, the National Book Development… READ FULL ENTRY

30 May 2012 by Christina Ong, AFCC 2012 student journalist AFCC 2012

Digital Marketing – Exploring Multiple Revenue Streams

The event was on Tuesday, 28 May 2012 at the Playden, Arts House @ The Old Parliament House. It was the fifth session of the Asian Children’s Media Summit of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) 2012. AFCC 2012 seemed to have a heavy emphasis on technological engagement for… READ FULL ENTRY