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Asian Festival of Children’s Content Play!

How do Norwegian libraries work to fulfill the UN's Sustainable Development Goals? The session shows how Norwegian libraries inspire and engage children and young adults in their efforts for sustainability by bringing them into libraries.

Linn T. Sunne

Linn T. Sunne (Norway)

Linn T Sunne has worked as a senior advisor at Innlandet County Library for the past 16 years, working on literature dissemination for children and adults. She is also a teacher and has published a number of books for children and young adults.



Tone Larssen Rogne

Tone Larssen Rogne (Norway)

Tone Larssen Rogne has worked at the Sølvberget Public Library in Stavanger for 8 years coordinating class visits, reading campaigns for primary, secondary levels and high schools and events for children and young adults.

Programme dates and times are subject to change.