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Asian Festival of Children’s Content Play!

Learn more about fun and innovative ways to learn mother tongue languages in this session. Discover how to engage children in language learning to make it enjoyable and effective.  Get practical tips for unlocking the power of multilingualism in young learners, whether you're a parent or educator.

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Cassia Leong

梁郡夏 (Cassia Leong) (Singapore)

梁郡夏 AcesCube教育服务公司董事,毕业于南洋理工大学工程系。之后又在国立教育学院(NIE)考取了教育专业课程文凭。作为一位终身学习理念的忠实践行者,梁郡夏目前正在新跃社科大学(SUSS)攻读翻译及传译学士学位,以提升相关专业知识。

Cassia Leong is the Director of AcesCube Education Services. After graduating with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering, she went on and obtained a PGDE (Post-graduate Diploma in Education) from the National Institute of Education . A strong advocate for life-long learning, Cassia is currently pursuing her second degree in Translation and Interpretation at the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Norlin Samat

Norlin Samat (Singapore)

Norlin merupakan seorang bekas guru sekolah rendah yang mempunyai Diploma Pasca Siswazah dalam Pendidikan dan MA dalam Kajian Bahasa. Sebagai seorang pendidik yang bersemangat, Norlin menyediakan pelbagai program pendidikan yang ditujukan kepada kanak-kanak, ibu bapa, dan pendidik bagi pelbagai institusi di Singapura. Selain itu, beliau juga menulis dan membantu penulis lain dalam mengkonseptualisasikan serta menerbitkan buku kanak-kanak.

Norlin is an ex-primary school teacher with a Post-graduate Diploma in Education and an MA in Language Studies. A passionate educator, Norlin provides various institutions in Singapore with educational programmes targeted at young children, parents and educators. She also writes and helps other writers conceptualise and publish their children’s books.

Programme dates and times are subject to change.