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Asian Festival of Children’s Content
25–28 May 2023

After helping your friends return to Viridis by finding the catalyst for their ship, you receive yet another message from them with a cryptic manual. “We found a safe on the ship! Please help us open it. The manual for the safe was hard to understand, but here it is. Maybe you can make sense of them?” Explore the library, solve the puzzles in the manual and open the safe!

The places and characters in this activity come from three different nominees and winners of the Hedwig Anuar Children's Book Award - Mist-Bound: How to Glue Back Your Grandpa by Daryl Kho, Lemonade Sky by J.H.Low and My BFF is an Alien by Vivian Teo. 

adventure puzzle

Curious Chimeras

Moderator Curious Chimeras (Singapore)

Curious Chimeras is an independent experience design studio based in Singapore, specialising in game design and player engagement. We create various forms of playable experiences, including immersive puzzles and tabletop roleplaying games.

We've made our mark designing bespoke games and experiences for a variety of settings, from urban exhibitions and international conventions, to artistic festivals and cultural events.

Programme dates and times are subject to change.