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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

How can parents and teachers utilise things like blockchain, NFTs, and digital credentials to motivate the next generation in their learning journey? The speaker will share his experiences from teaching and project development, about how we can apply technology to the learning environment, both at home and at school, to cultivate good reading and writing habits. Peter will share some of the tools and guidelines on how to make it work easily.


Peter ChunYu Yau

Peter ChunYu Yau (Hong Kong/Singapore)

Peter is an Assistant Professor in Computing Science at the University of Glasgow, Singapore. He loves to travel with his laptop computer. He has swam in the Amazon river, saw the great migration in Safari, and trekked the Himalayas. One of his research interests is STEAM education, of which includes 3D printing, robots, interactive programming, and online learning. Peter is now writing a book for the youth in Online to Offline (O2O) format, aimed at sparking their interest in how technology can change the world and impact their future career.

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