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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

Imagine Humpty Dumpty enjoying kaya toast, Jack and Jill grilling satay on a hill and the Three Blind Mice eating chicken rice at the hawker centre. Join Lianne Ong and Janice Khoo as they discuss the role children’s authors play in preserving parts of Singapore’s heritage with the incorporation of heritage themes in children’s literature. They will also share about how they use humour and rhyme to engage their young readers.

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Humour Preschool Singapore Southeast Asia

Janice Khoo

Janice Khoo (Singapore)

Janice is a former public servant turned full-time mum and freelance writer. Her first publication for children, Sing a Song of Hawker Food, combines nursery rhymes with a topic that is dear to her heart—hawker food. Having written a good number of papers on serious topics when she worked for large organisations, Janice finds that writing fiction for children is serious business too, but much more fun. She stays in Singapore with her family.

Lianne Ong

Lianne Ong (Singapore)

Lianne is a Singaporean children’s author and freelance writer. She has published 14 children’s picture books, three of which have won prizes in the Samsung Kidstime Author’s Award. She is best known for her Stacey & the Museums series, a 5-title series about museums in Singapore, and a nonfiction resource on hawker food, Timmy & Tammy Discover: Singapore Hawker Food.

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