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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

Find out how diversity in children’s picturebooks drive marketability, facilitate childhood development and classroom outcomes in Thailand. Hear from this panel of writers how they have covered themes of diversity and inclusion in their works and how writers can tap on their rich cultural tapestry to aid content creation.

Diversity Southeast Asia

Cheewan Wisasa

Cheewan Wisasa (Thailand)

Cheewan empowers children through his innovative art, placing the reader into the story. Readers learn to cope with their worlds through illustrations tailored to each book, creating an immersive cinematic experience. His mission is to ensure all children can access quality books via reading initiatives, like Passport to Reading.

John Viano

John Viano (US)

John is an award-winning author and translator who has written four books and translated over 150 children’s books. His passion for literature and language led to the founding of InterThaiMedia LLC to publish media that brings people together across languages and cultures. He has a decade of experience as an educator in Thailand and China. John is also pursuing a master’s degree in special educational needs, focusing on literacy.

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